Friday, November 14, 2008

Back and Running

So I've missed all of you. Just a recap: we all are doing well, we've been super busy with school. Alyson is working as a Senior Community Leader at Brook Residential Hall, Kyle is working hard on earning his degree, Nathan is getting done with interviews for job prospects, Andi is rocking it in New York through an internship with the Baylor Film Network, and I'm working on getting into Law School. We're all just trying to get through these final semesters.

It was really weird being back from the bike trip. I still sometimes look at the road and think about getting back on my bike and just taking off. Yes I still ride my bike, old faithful has not let me down, who would have ever thought I'd have such feelings for an inanimate object. But it is truly my pride and joy. I can't say that for the rest of the team. Nathan and Kyle have been loving the feeling of returning to their old habits. Kyle discovered 97 cent Betty Crocker Cakes at the super market, he can't believe he never thought of those before (I come back to the apartment to see yet another cake in the oven). Andi has been in New York and was even able to meet up with a lady that we met on the road. They had lunch and everything. Andi has been having a blast in New York, he's been learning a lot.

Since we've been back we been loaded with tons of questions on how the trip was, what was our favorite part, what was our favorite city, did anyone get hurt, and we've had to answer them a million times. But we are particular happy for all the things we learned from the trip and all the people we met. We are very thankful. I was talking to Alyson the other day and she said how weird it felt not being in a new place everyday, but how she was happy to be stationary for a while. I don't know if I fully agree with her, I think I find myself in a new place everyday just not in the location sense.

But now we are getting finished with our 2nd to last semester of College and after working on the Alive Campaign behind the scenes, I thought to let you in on what we are doing. It turns out that Andi is still working on the Documentary and that is our biggest concern as of now. We got some great footage and we're putting it together. It looks really good. Keep checking the blog as more information reaches me.

Peace- Justin Brown

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Christina said...

Thanks for all you've done for the cause. I lost my precious nephew to suicide on Day 56 of your trip . . . I'm now on a journey too. Keep up the good work and God Bless You! It is up to all of us to help each other! Be well and take care of each other. Christina Estes Cotton; Maysville, GA