Thursday, March 27, 2008

2/03/2008: 50 Miles to Temple & Some Thoughts

Well we did our first 50 mile training session today! Its really amazing what you can do when you put your mind to something. We had news crews out reporting on us before we took off. It was really cool sharing our message. The coolest part so far was Jeremiah (an active member of the boards) joining us and dedicating the ride to the friends he made on Facebook. This was the first time we really met one of the active members and he was awesome company. I felt humbledby his dedication to those out there struggling with the burdens of life. We can't fight this fight alone, it was good seeing someone with the same love for people. Once we started on the ride I felt free...there is just something about getting on the bike knowing that its just you and the road. We had to take a detour along the route which led us to some hilly terrain. I would have to say it was a struggle getting up those steep hills and pushing yourself mentally and physically. As we pushed through each new hill we would laugh at how steep the newest mountain was, thinking to ourselves "how are we going to make it up this one." But each time we made it up. I can sincerely say that riding with friends made the ride so much easier. Of course I could probably have pushed myself up the next hill but without people with me pushing themselves up the same obstacles I think there would have definitely been times of discouragement. You know life is tough, pulling yourself up those mountains that seem only to get steeper. You ask yourself, "how am I going to make it up this one" but I think its best when you can laugh with people and watch the new hill that's approaching and say "BRING IT ON!" Having people encourage and help you up those mountains make life so much easier. After the ride today we stopped at an Italian ride to gorge ourselves with food. Man was I hungry!! As I scarfed down the food I have to say that this was one of the best meals I ever had.Little things like the Rolls were amazing! As I enjoyed the hearty meal I realized something. How many times have I eaten the same food and not felt anything new. But starving only increased the enjoyment. How many times do we take for granted the things we have, only to find out that once you are without you realize the little things you missed. Thats all for now, time for a nice shower, and a nice pint of Rocky Road Icecream, Yum! Live, Hope, Love!

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