Thursday, March 27, 2008

3/27/08 Bittersweet Parting

I just want to first off say thank you all for sticking with us for the long haul. We have one month left before we hit the open road and we are so excited about changing the way people view taking action and mental health. We started the Alive Campaign on November 4th and since then have reached hundreds of thousands of people. But many of you don't see behind the scenes of our grassroots operation. There is soooo much work that goes into this campaign many of your eyes might spin. We like to call this "lightning speed" organization creation. Most organizations take at least a year to start up, get a foundation, and build from there. Not the Alive Campaign. We have been on full throttle for 4 months straight and it does take its toll. Sadly, one of our friends Steve Zimmerman, decided to take a hiatus from the organization. He was a great asset through answering emails and preparing our beautiful website and we are forever grateful. He is still considered one of our close friends, and we know he has already made a great impact on people's lives, we wish him the best. But now we are moving forward and ready to take on the road's challenges. On April 4th we have a benefit concert on behalf of Student Counseling Services and Student Government where all proceeds will benefit the Alive Campaign. We hope this would be a great opportunity to share our message and raise some much needed funds. I've been working on the website non-stop and I hope you guys enjoy the new additions. Keep updated on our blog for more info as well as add this blog to your facebook profile. Click on edit apps and search "Alive Campaign Blog" to add it. We hope to keep you updated on the road and challenge people with taking action and making a difference. Peace out from Baylor University down in Waco, TX. Stay tuned- Justin Brown


cutelilbubear09 said...

I love ya'll & what you're doing! :D

I believe in you & I'm here for you always,


Angela said...

ah yes I didn't realize Steve left the group until I sent you guys the facebook message...oy. Well whatever the reason I'm really sorry but I'm sure all his hard work have been and will be greatly appreciated.

-Angela T of facebook