Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 14: Cuba, NM

We had a late start today, unfortunately somebody (not going to say any names, just that it starts with a k) left one of our wheels on the back of the trailer...we learned that wheels aren't indestructible to trailer spills. So we had to leave late because we needed to buy a skewer from an Albuquerque bicycle shop. When we arrived, after hearing what we were doing, one of the bicycle workers took the skewer off of his bike and gave it to us. Bicyclist stick together.

When we started on the road we were amazed at how beautiful the route was, me and andi both agree that man was meant to live close to the mountains. We sped down the mountains at 38 mph with the wind at our backs, we were literally going 20 mph uphill, it felt like the mountains were sucking us up into them.

I thought that riding a bike cross country would help slow down an otherwise fast trip, but I have realized that even a bike is too fast. The cliffs, the purple mountains, and the natural formations truly made this my favorite ride thus far.

When we arrived into Cuba we were filled with energy and adrenaline, excited to continue on our journey. We had a little pizza and crashed out onto the beds, and when I say crashed out onto the beds I mean it literally, Nathan happened to crash on the bed and break it. Lets hope that breaking stuff isn't a routine, especially when it comes to flying downhill (don't worry mom).

-Justin Brown


billie said...

Justin, you make it sound like so much
fun. Is it to late to join in the fun or do ya'll have an age limit..
xxxxoooo to all, Grandma

Brian said...

Fantastic pictures, guys...Keep up the good work, I admire all of you for doing this!

Reckless_Phenomenon said...

Good to hear you all had a decent day, besides the breaking of a few things. You're all still in my prayers. I love hearing how everything is going. Keep rockin'

Mary Ellen (PEI, Canada)

PS. Justin, I'm lovin' the farmers tan. One of the better I've seen.

momma_g84 said...

We've traveled that same route and I can relate to your photos. It is awesome. You're headed towards "God's Country" as our family calls it!

Port Lavaca, TX is cheering you on. I keep everyone around here updated. I even get updates from DD and Ash occasionally!

Hope yall have sunscreen! Looks like Justin needs some! Or...maybe he's going for the Texas Farmer look. :-) If've got it going on!

Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.