Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 17: Kayenta, AZ

We woke up this morning in Bluff, UT. Nathan & I didn't want to get up because we were freezing our butts off! And the rest of the team didn't want to get up because they had to take their tent down. I took pride in the fact that my tent was the first one up and the first one down. However, I did learn the value of a good sleeping bag (thanks for packing the summer bags, Dad!).

We left Bluff and drove to Mexican Hat to start this leg of the journey. Once again the hills were nearly impossible to overcome and we found ourselves doing ten mile stretches. The scenery made up for all of it though.

Justin and I said goodbye to our farmers tan today as we crossed into Arizona. We wore our sleeveless jerseys and forgot about the Arizona sun. :-) As Justin finished the last leg for the team, the guys and I spotted a Barbecue Truck on the side of the road. Nathan got two of the best beef ribs ever and the rest of us shared some of their famous fry bread. Yum!

We reached Kayenta, AZ late this afternoon and met with Father Jerry of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. He filled us in on the Navajo culture as he has been a Priest here for eleven years. We learned that the Navajo language was strictly an oral language until the 1950's. The Navajo are very proud and private people. Everyone that we encountered has been so friendly and kind.

As we speak, Justin is doing yoga in the living room, Nathan & Kyle are organizing the van (again!), Andi is taking a shower, I am dictating this blog to my Mom (no wi-fi here), and Father Jerry is currently making home made apple pie for us.

Tomorrow we'll be traveling to Page, AZ.



asiahbella said...

Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on your journey. Keep up the good work.

sonia said...

Thank God for your updates. I know Justin's phone isn't working but I'm glad to see you all doing fine.
Have fun in Zion National Park. It sounds awesome!!!

Love You,
Justin's mom

EricaB said...

Hang in're doing great! Can't wait to see you in long as Justin still has my number.


EricaB said...
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Karl said...

No wifi! Ack! Good thing you have your Mom to help you out. Loving the blog and being able to keep up with you that way.

anne-marie Desfoux said...

I am french ,nearby Paris. Iwent to Kayenta in July the 26th and met father Jerryfor the sunday mass. I was very impressed by his kindness and also I felt how it is difficult to manage such a parish. So as I am in charge of catechism I decided to write him so he could share the life of our french parish and the way the young are following to discover God. I think there is no catechim in kayenta . It is a good way for our children, about 60 to discover what universal Church means in the catholic world. I was happy to learn father Jerry cooked an apple-pie for you.
Best wishes for all of you and if you go back to kayenta give me news from our lady of guadaloupe