Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day Four: Abilene

Okay, so today was not as much of a rest day as we may have wanted, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.

We went to South Pointe Church with Christy and Travis Dodson, who fed us spaghetti the night before, and spoke for a few minutes. Then, KTXS came out and we talked with them. The people at church were so amazing, and one of the ladies came forward and told us a personal story about one of her friends, which was really inspirational.

Then we went to VT Bike Stuff, which was closed, but we caught a guy who owns the store waiting for other bikers, and they were getting ready for a morning ride. He asked us what we needed, and actually opened up the store for us!!! Thanks Tom.

After that, we ran errands until 6. We went to New Hope Church to meet JJ, who is a youth pastor there. The kids there were amazing!!! I really connected with some of the girls there, and I hope to hear from them soon. They were full of hope and faith that lit up my day.

We made the front page of the Brownwood Bulletin!!!
Link Here

Lisa, our hostess, met us in the parking lot of the church and we went to, yep, Texas Roadhouse (where it all started) for dinner. We had a great time, telling what our favorite and least favorite moments were.

All in all, it was a great day. I couldn't ask for anything better... well, maybe some more hosts for the other places we'll be in. :)

See ya in Snyder!


alicia said...

I saw you on KTXS..Im glad there are organizations like yours to help bring suicide and its effects to the surface.Im writing about my nieces ex boyfriend at the time of his suicide..he not only took his life , but that of his two children,on July 1 2005.It is like a dominoe effect.we wish we could of helped him (we tried), but he thought their was no place to go.We have helped our niece and she will be glad to know that someone is helping others GOD BLESS

Anonymous said...

Hey there. You guys keep it up.


You can do it!