Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 16: Mexican Water, NM (Bluff, UT)

Today it was great to wake up in a beautiful, comfortable home. The Zents took great care of us, with one of the most amazing dinners the night before, and a glorious breakfast this morning... I'm always in the mood for breakfast pizzas and cinnamon rolls. :)

We departed and headed back to Hwy 64 with a 85 mile day in front of us. Of course there were hills, and man a lot of them! The wind wasn't too bad, though, and we were excited to see the Arizona sign as we crossed the border.

After we crossed into AZ, we headed up for a slight detour to the FOUR CORNERS- I actually stood- well, laid- in four places at once! Now I can say I've been to Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona.

The detour was great, and we went back to 64 to finish the rest of our mileage for the day. However, the day had it's, uh, interesting moments. Just as Nathan was coming in for the last stretch, an elderly gentleman pulled over next to us asking us for directions. Sadly, he thought we were in Sioux Falls, South Dakota! And when we told him we were in Arizona, he thought we were kidding. I think he had Alzheimer's or something... I felt bad for him, so we called in his vehicle to the P.D. just to make sure he would be okay.

The story doesn't end there. Just as we were pulling a U'ie in our Van, we got stuck in the gold ol' AZ sand. The P.D. came and pulled us out of it, thank God. Definitely good documentary footage. :)

As soon as we reached Jct 191 @ Hwy 160, we were at our destination. We hopped in the van and headed north toward Bluff, UT, for a beautiful campsite. We only paid $22 for the night... it has showers, Wi-fi, a great BBQ place in walking distance, and the most amazing view I've ever seen.

All in all, it's been one of the most scenic trips I've ever taken. If anyone thinks the US looks bland and boring, you need to travel out here to Northern Arizona, New Mexico, and Southern Utah... it's a sight to see.

We're enjoying the smell of campfires, the blinding flashlights, and sound of crickets, and we hope that tomorrow night we have a computer for our blog.

Enjoying all of God's beauty in Utah,


Karl said...

What do you mean, you didn't bring any computers with you? That's CRAZY talk!

Anonymous said...

haha...I got stuck in the sand as well in AZ...a hot....but defiantly beautiful state...especially near the Utah border

Aurora Jen said...

If you think Arizona is gorgeous wait until you reach Alaska! I am so excited for you.

momma_g84 said...

Love the pic at 4-corners! Did you try the Indian Bread there?

MR said...

no way... who wants to be in a sub zero freezing temperatures... arizona is a better option....

good pics.. :)

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tan florence said...

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