Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ripple Effect

We are only 2 weeks into our mission. I think i can speak for the team when i say that we are feeling so many emotions all at once. One feeling in-particular is a little fear. We've never done this kind of thing before. The fear of failure runs in our minds all the time, also the fear of the unknown is very dense. There is just so much riding on this (no pun intended).

Then there is the feeling of humility. We are only a small drop in a big ocean. I was thinking about it today and what we are doing is just so much bigger then ourselves. We are this small drop of hope against thousands that commit suicide and battle with depression. When looked at, a small drop of water doesn't have a lot of power. It so small that when looked at compared to the rest of the bodies of water has little significance. But i was thinking about it today, and realized something profound.

Look at the small drop falling from the sky and if given the force to strike the lost sea it does something bigger. A drop of water is not part of the ocean, it something different, it is by itself. Something out of the box. It decides to do something different and rather then stay stagnant like the silent ocean it falls and challenges the norm. When its hits the sea it creates a ripple effect. Although small in size it challenges the flat by moving the rest of the waters. A small drop of water has a lot of power.

- Justin Brown

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Brouge said...

I think it's amazing what you guys are doing. I hope the ripples go on for a very long time and a very far distance.