Saturday, May 17, 2008

Day Three: Abilene

I love this trip!!! This morning we met with Brent Marsh, the head of Student Life at Howard Payne University, along with Dr. Wheelington, a professor of Christian studies and a triathlete. The campus was beautiful, and we got a new sticker of Brentwood added to the "I <3 Okinawa" one on the back of the van.

We had a morning prayer, which involved us gathered in a circle with Mr. Marsh, Dr. Wheelington, the Alive team, and Jessica and Travis Noble, who hosted us the night before and fed us amazing dinner and breakfast!!!

We headed for Bangs Hill: a huge, winding, beast, and parked the van at the top of it, clearly due to construction... not because it looked intense. :) We said our goodbye's to the Noble family and we began the first leg of our 84 mile bike ride.

We were blessed to have cloudy skies, but today we had 2 flat tires: Justin's bike first, around mile 17, and then Kyle's, around mile 75.

But, I was so impressed at how quickly everyone stepped up to the challenge in getting the remaining mileage completed. Justin's bike is fixed, but we have yet to finish Kyle's due to lack of equipment...

Thank God for tomorrow's rest day here in Abilene... we're going to need it. We have so many things to do, one of which involves hitting up a bike shop.

I'm having so much fun, and tonight we're at Lisa Nichol's home... she's AMAZING!!! She bought food, made our beds with fresh linens, and even volunteered to drive Nathan to the store just because he was craving a coke!

Special thanks to Christy and Travis Dodson for feeding us and giving us a care package this evening as well!!!

People do care!

God bless,


Paula said...
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Paula said...

where can i find ya'lls route? i wanna see which way you guys are going. will you be passing through arizona? ^_^

lanissa said...

Paula --
You can find their route and schedule at their website In the "About Alive" menu, click on "The Trip".