Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 8: Lubbock (Rest Day)

So we made a funny mistake today...well not really funny when it happened but something you can tell stories about later. I was called yesterday night to do an interview with NBC however they forgot to mention something very was LIVE! So I'm under the impression that its just going to be a simple cut and shoot interview little did I know that it was very important to be there on time! So they told us to be at the studio at 5pm and I'm all like "well lets go get our bikes and get freshened up, we can be a little late..." (its 4:45). We arrive at our guest home and Carolyn (our host and amazing chef) comes storming from her room saying, "Aren't you supposed to be at the studio, they just did a advertisement for all of you on the 5 o'clock news." We all were like, "Its alright Carolyn they just want to film us and they'll edit for their later show." Carolyn just stared blankly at us, " I think its supposed to be LIVE."

We just stared at each other and were like, "Oh....(explicit)." We stormed out of the house with me, alyson, and andi dragging our Alive Campaign shirts on. We sped, if you can call a 15 passenger van speeding and we arrived at the news station 5 min before we were supposed to be on air. We talked with the news anchor briefly and were mic'ed for our first LIVE interview. Safely to say it went well but we learned another new lesson, be on time!

Right now Andi is reading "The Old Man and the Sea" and I'm reading "The City of Ember", we are finally able to read and relax before our journey out of Texas. Alyson is looking at pictures and Kyle is buying Benedral for his cat allergies (for some reason we've been staying with people that have lots of cats...poor Kyle). Nathan is surfing the net and getting down to programing the GPS.

We got to see Chronicles of Narnia yesterday, the movie wasn't as good as we hoped but still gave us a few laughs. However I did get to hear Switchfoot's new song and off the Chronicles of Narnia's soundtrack "This is Home"...and I have to say that being with friends and having a family that is a lot bigger, a lot larger, crossing all boundaries and creeds, can let you be at home just about anywhere.

-Justin Brown

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Paula said...

haha that is kinda funny. ^_^
yep ... that Switchfoot song on the movie soundtrack is very nice.

Be careful as you go through NM and AZ ... especially with the recent weather situations. My dad's been interviewed at his work alot lately because of it.

momma_g84 said...

It seems that yall are learning a lot of lessons along your way. In home schoolers are "unschooling".

You guys take care of Alyson!

We're headed to Port A to spend the wknd with Ash and DD so I'll ck back in with yall on Tuesday!

Be safe!

sonia said...

Hey here is a link to the tv show of Lubbock. It was a great report.

Keep up the good work. I'm so proud of you guys and gal.

Love, Justin's mom

B1B_Mustang said...


You guys are awesome. Mom and I are so proud of you and the entire Alive Team. Keep up the great work!

Love Dad