Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 9: Clovis, NM

Farewell Texas! We can now really say that we have crossed our first state, but that doesn't mean we will forget our Texas roots. We were talking about it and we have decided that Texas is the only state that has its own nationalism. The other states don't even know there is a competition...but that doesn't keep us from acting like there is.

The ride was an easy one except for Nathan learning how to ride with bike clips. For those unfamiliar with what bike clips are, they are shoes which hook onto the bike pedals. Nathan, finally getting the hang of biking without clips, had a fun time (sarcasm) learning a whole new way of riding and balancing with being connected to the bike. This picture sums up his experience:

He'll get the hang of it.......eventually.

We entered Clovis and got a warm welcoming by the Mayor and County Judge, as well as the DeWitt family (our hosts for the evening). We took a relaxing swim in their pool and had a delicious dinner. We had so much fun.

But now, as we look onto the days to come we try not to think about the huge undertaking we still have left to accomplish. It's all about taking one day at at a time, one road to cross, one hill to climb. I mean if we think about it, our journey has just begun. We've proven that we have the drive to cross the Texas heat and the west Texas winds, but do we have the drive to cross the dry deserts of Nevada, the steep hills of California, or the wild lands of the North- Western Territories? All I have to say is:

One state down 8 more to go.........

Oh and one more country....Can't wait!

-Justin Brown


Reckless_Phenomenon said...

What you're doing is honestly amazing. I've been following from the start, and excited you've begun your ride. While you're no where near me (Prince Edward Island.. East Coast Canada.. not many have heard of it) you're definitely in my prayers. Stay safe and spread the word! :)
-Mary Ellen

de la Cruz said...

Actually, they aren't bike clips. They are clipless pedals. Toe clips with straps were used on racing bikes until the late 1980's.

Whitney Gilliland said...

I am incredibly glad that someone has decided to take this cause so seriously-you guys are in my thoughts and prayers this summer! GO GET EM!

The Martin Maniacs said...

Keep pedaling Justin. I'm proud of ya'll. A LOT of folks are reading and watching, you're spreading the awareness, and I believe you're spreading love. Melissa, Jackson, and I are praying for you! Now get Kyle back on the Bike!!!!