Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 50: Ferndale, WA (Our Last Day in America)

Today was it, the BIG 5-O, and we all awoke this morning knowing that at the end of the day when we racked our bikes and rolled into town that it would be the last time we would do so in the Southland United States (As the Alaskans call it). What began in a circle driveway of a university gym is now finally crossing a nation. It is this culminating revelation that I often find so difficult to fathom in its perspective. It seems whenever we would come across a world map by whatever means we would always point and say to each other, "Look! We were here... and now we're here, how in the world did we get that far?" Our fingers getting further and further apart with every state we crossed like our hands were a proper measure of the vast distances we've traveled. But today when we departed Bremerton on that gray, rainy morning we did so with that same great reluctance that we were yet leaving another amazingly hospitable household that we called home for a time. It is probably to this same effect that will define our crossing into Canada. Ferndale has been a good home to us, and Bea & Harry Yasayko hosted one of the best reception dinners we've ever had. I honestly never knew BBQ ribs could taste so good outside of Texas, and the ice cream was even better. But America as a whole has been a amazing home to us these past 50 days too and it will be strange if not a little sad to leave her behind for a few weeks. But I hear the Yukon is beautiful this time of year, and though we're not quite there yet I'm sure I'll be pointing to it soon enough on a map, wondering yet again just how in the world we got that far.

With best regards,



cody said...

That would be the Lower 48, not the "Southland."

Denise said...

Happy 4th of July to you all!! America can be very proud of you.
I still can't believe you made it out of Texas!! Ha Ha You continue to amaze me. Keep safe and continue to support and take care of each other.
More adventures await you in Canada!
Andi's mom and dad

sonia said...

Happy 4 of July!!! And Congratulations on another accomplishment!!! Enjoy Canada. The people are very friendly and hospitable. I just love them.

Love you all,
Justin's mom

lanissa said...

Ok, Nathan. I think you're the only team member that hasn't have to blog at least once. Happy 4th!

billie said...

Happy 4th to all.We are so proud of y'all.

aldrich4one said...

Congrats team on making it so far. It is amazing what we can accomplish with Jesus on our side. You are all such an inspiration and we are all so proud of each of you. Have a blessed 4th. We're still rooting for you!! Alaska (sure enough) here they come!!!

Marquita said...

**Happy*4th*of*July** to the Alive Campaign team. I thought I'd send a few fireworks for this special day. You will be happy to know that Sonia and I have made housing arrangements thru July 13th. It appears that Canada has claimed you as their own. We rejoice with you in the faithfulness of the Lord as He continues to lead you in this mission of Hope.

Love and Prayers from Texas,
Nathan's Mom & Dad
in this missionof Hope.

Christina Raye said...

Congrats on day 50!

And I hope you have a wonderful 4th!

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to wear my ALIVE shirt and when someone asks what it's for, I'm also proud to tell them your story, and what you're doing. Congrats on reaching Canada! Good luck on the rest of your journey, and may God bless all of you guys!

Okinawan dad said...

I think you guys are great leaders!

Okinawan dad said...

I think you guys are great leaders!