Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 53: Whistler, BC, Canada (Pemberton)

We didn't want to leave Vancouver. It is such a beautiful city, and the people are so kind. We were right in the heart of downtown, right outside our door was a movie theatre and several shops. Thanks again Denise for the place, it was nice not having to drive the 15 passenger van through the busy city streets.

You would think that we have seen just about everything, but the scenic route to Whistler took our breath away. From the snow capped mountains to the glaciar blue lakes. Its no wonder why we see so many bikers, hikers, and recreationalists coming through this area, just biking down highway 99 we see people climbing mountains where the only thing holding them is their hands. The drivers here are surprisingly nice, they give us plenty of space, we love Canada!

In 2010 they will be hosting the winter olympics here, so we have seen a lot of construction due to the event. Alyson popped a tire coming down a construction site, making our popped tire count for this trip, 11 tires so far (by the way Nathan and Andi have yet to have a flat tire on their bike, they think that it's Invincible, lets see how long that will last).

The hospitality we have recieved thus far is unfathomable. It's hard to believe complete strangers would give some random college students a place to sleep, even opening their homes and allowing us to take a part in their lives. But now I couldn't call them strangers, they are friends, my friends, and we have a whole lot of them.

-Justin Brown


sonia said...

I love Canadians! I told you they are SO Friendly!!!Accordning to my phone calls with them you are still coming up to some breath taking scenery.


Love you,
Justin's mom

Chris MacKechnie said...

Welcome to Canada.
We've been following your trip since the planning days (Thank you FaceBook). Even though we are a kijillion miles away (Toronto) I have no doubt the west coast Canucks will take good care of you.