Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day 73: Palmer, AK (Rest Day)

Today we enjoyed a long, relaxing day in the rainy, cold city of Palmer. Justin and Andi went with Andi's family to look at some glaciers. They saw the largest glacier you can get to by road! Then, they pet wolves, at this wolf petting zoo area. They were adorable!

Nate and I decided to hang back at the church. We value our sleep. :) When we woke up, we drove to Walmart, got lunch at Chili's, and then watched a marathon of Friday Night Lights. I got Nate and Andi semi-hooked on the show now. Lol.

Andi is so excited that his family is here, and tonight, Nate's parents arrived. All of us went to dinner to talk about plans for tomorrow. Nate's dad is so surprised that we made it this far. I think I saw a glint in his eyes when he saw his baby boy again.

Seeing the two sets of families really makes me miss home. When my sister called me tonight, and all her friends got on the phone (Amy, Joey, and Derrek), she started crying. She said she missed me a lot and it wasn't the same without me. This trip is so incredible, but travelling for such a long time takes its toll. I value my family more than anything in the world now.

Alaska is shaping up to its name. Pastor Peter has continued to get us food and gifts, and we're just trying to keep up! People have been blessing us left and right, and its good to share that with Andi and Nate's parents, letting them see that first hand. They've become family to all of us, as we've worked closely with them these past few months.

We're so excited to be biking to Anchorage tomorrow. It hasn't even sunk in for us yet. We're just hanging out at the church, on the net, watching Friday Night Lights, and doing our thing. One more day of biking... less than 55 miles ahead of us...

All I keep thinking is, "What'll we do after this?"



maria said...

Congratulations to all of you on your incredible feat- I am so proud of you. Love, Hugs and kisses- Alyson's grandma

sonia said...

You done done it!!lol Praise God for His amazing grace. I am so very proud of all of you. Congratulations and may you enjoy the best week ever as you experience Alaska.

Wish we were there.
Love Justin family,
Tom, Sonia, Faith, Caleb and Peanuts too.

billie said...

First thing in the morning,go to
AC blog, pray, read,laugh, cry ,leave coment.WHAT NOW????
When's the next trip?Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

I know...I'll have no more blogs to read...but also nothing more to be jealous of...congrats again...kudos...whatever...