Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 58: Prince George, BC

After cleaning our bikes because of the brutal rain/hail we had entering into Williams Lake, we enjoyed ourselves with a bit of a guys night out....and one girl (poor Alyson). A bunch of the youth at Maple Park Alliance Church came to visit, talk, and play a little guitar, it just happened that they were all boys...all brothers! Talk about a big family.

We stayed up reminiscing about our experience on the road and had a little fun throwing popcorn at each other. We woke up meeting the same guys from the night before, and enjoyed some Espresso Milk Shakes at a Local Coffee shops. I usually stay away from coffee before a long ride but how can you say "no" to a free milk shake? I mean were crazy but were not dumb : ) It was hard to say goodbye to some great guys so instead of saying "bye" right away they decided to ride through town with us.

The ride into Prince George was an eventful one. Alyson had a nail pierce her tire (12 tires and counting) and then while Me and Nathan were racking the bikes 2 Facebook group members came to say hi! We love meeting people from our group, this is as much their trip as ours. We exchanged numbers and hope to hang out with them tomorrow....did i say we love meeting our Facebook members...because we do.

Right now we're playing Mario Party, checking our email, talking with friends on aim, and being normal! We are really starting to appreciate the value of normalcy. Tomorrow will be a semi-work day, preparing ourselves, before we head off to the middle of nowhere. But right now I'm going to steal some stars in Mario Party. Peace.

-Justin Brown


billie said...

Good morning to all. Have I told
you how much I love reading your blogs? Hearing about all the favor
God is giving you,an answer to prayer. Thank you God!!!I just to
say that.
xxxxoooo Grandma

sonia said...

I love the pictures!!! Have I told you I love the pictures? LOL
Back from you Aunt Cathy's and everyone sends their love.

You are all looking GREAT!!!

Anybody live in the Yukon?? I need your number?

Love Justin's MOM

jonstoops said...

Ride On! Keep on keepin' on guys (and gal). I can hear the maturity and wisdom growing in your posts! Speak truth always, trust the Lord in All things, pray without ceasing, and continue to share your love of life with everyone you encounter.stoops

SBinC said...
hoooopefully thats not a problem..

Anonymous said...

It is taking me forever to comment - Internet down, so using hubby's iPhone. I am very addicted to the posts. I vote that in all your free college time :) that you keep them coming. I really just wanted to say that I am really missing my "big" little brother. Maybe its because we are both in places we haven't been - Cali and Canada. So glad you are being so well taken care of by the Canadians. Love seeing all the pictures too. This story from start to the nearing finish is such a testimony to God's greatness. Throw those boxes out the window. Much love and prayers to each of you. We love you Buddo. Ps. The boys look so cute and wear so proudly the Alive campaign shirts from the Itasca rally..

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