Monday, July 7, 2008

Day 54: Lillooet, BC

We left Mark & Kathy Leverton’s house in Pemberton this morning after eating a pancake breakfast. They provided us with a great place to stay in the newly remodeled bottom half of their house. Also, they had a very friendly “puppy” named Cinder (short for Cinderella) that decided to help wake me up this morning. =) At ten months old, she is already much bigger than any dog I have ever owned.

We drove back to Whistler and started our 80 mile/130?? km day. I took the first stretch of the day biking about 20 miles going mostly downhill with a pretty well paved road. Then, Justin caught 20 miles of uphill on some of the worst road we have seen during this entire trip. I think there is a reason we didn’t see any bikers with us on the road today. Andy ended up splitting up the back section of the day because Alyson was not feeling well and spent most of the morning crashed out in the backseat of the van trying to sleep. She is feeling a lot better now though; I think I just heard her squeal at the TV because everyone is watching the Tour De France and someone just crashed.

As for pictures for the day, you have to wait for tomorrow (hopefully) because Justin didn’t bring the camera to where we have internet to write the blog.

I do, however, finally have pictures from the Itasca, TX Bike-A-Thon and awareness rally. =) Itasca mayor Matt Fehnel declared June 28 “Mental Health Awareness Day.” The local/school newspaper “The Paw Print Press” and city officials hosted the Bike-A-Thon and accepted donations to support us, the Alive Campaign, and help us keep gas in the van. =) (It’s about $5.75 a gallon here in Canada). It is great to have such support from home when we are more than 3000 miles away in Canada.

The contestant picture from the Bike-A-Thon.

The Mayor and myself right before the team left for Alaska. I have lost about 15 pounds since this picture was taken. =)

Paw Print Press Editor Sarah Evans with the proceeds from the Bike-A-Thon.


EricaB said...

Nathan! They actually got you to write a blog? How'd they manage that?

Marquita said...

The Alive Campaign supporters here in Itasca, TX have been following the trip on the blog or through the Paw Print Press since the team left in May. I have also put up a display with pics and the team awareness flyers at the bank so others can follow the trip. The school and community are looking forward to a team presentation this Fall. Many other organizations are also inquiring about possible speaking engagements when the team returns. It appears the Lord has given you an open door to spread Hope and Awareness. We are very proud of each of you for your efforts and commitment to this mission.

Much love and thank you, Nathan for your blog.

Nathan's Mom

sonia said...

Wow, Nathan you look great! And you are such a good writer. Looking forward to more blogs.

billie said...

Nathan, you did good honey, way to
go. Loooove your blog.
xxxxoooo Grandma

Anonymous said...

Buddo great writing. You should come out of hiding more often. And 15lbs. lighter. Wow!! Jaydon may not recognized his uncle. You are all very missed, loved and prayed for often.

paradocs said...

Hey gang. I am so proud of you.'re almost there!!!!! How exciting. You are missed here at Baylor. Love to all of you.