Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 72: Palmer, AK

Today marked the last of our 100 mile days, it also marked the furthest we have ridden, with 140 miles! We all had to pull our weight, coming together as a team to pull through it.

Because of the long day we forced ourselves to wake up early! Not since the desert did we wake up at such a dreary hour, all of us were tired. I woke up extra early to give an interview for Chicago's National Radio broadcast, and was thus the unfortunate face they woke up to (nobody likes to be that person), but thankfully our hosts at Alaska Bible College provided us with a filling Alaskan breakfast, salmon and bagels with cream cheese. We enjoyed our fill and dragged our legs to the bikes. Once we started to move the cold Alaskan air reenergized our weary bodies and allowed us to complete the arduous trip with success and time to spare.

An even greater surprise awaited us in Palmer. Andi's parents joined in in welcoming the team into town. They came all the way from Japan to see Andi cross the finish line. Tears were shed and the family reunion reminded the team of the journeys inevitable conclusion.

We're staying at Family Christian Center and have been welcomed with open arms. They allowed us to speak to their youth, and let us share our passion. They have given us food, shelter, showers, and comfortable beds, this is the perfect place to reflect on our journey and prepare for our crossing in two days. Tomorrow we will be resting and entering the final planning stages of Sunday's itinerary. Nathan's parents will arrive to help. We're almost there.

All journeys must end, but they will only rebirth a new one.

-Justin Brown


rosiem said...

Palmer! Thats awesome! That's my home town. I'm in WA though, I wish I could have been there to welcome you guys! you're soo close to Anchorage! Congrads! All of you are so inspiring, keep up the good work! Be safe. Woohoo! Again, you're almost done, yay!

lanissa said...

See you tomorrow!

Blake & Lanissa

Anonymous said...

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is the big day!! I'm so glad Andi's parents were able to make it to see their son accomplish such a neat feat. (Enjoy your time together, Andi.) Enjoy your arrival to your final destination to the fullest. It really aches my heart to not be there to hug each of your necks when you cross the "finish" line. My love to you all and an extra big hug from all of us to you Buddo!! Wish we could be there!

Garth, Lynita, Dylan and Jaydon

stan said...

Praying that you finish well and safe in Him. Grace and peace and thanks for sharing the journey with us.

Steven said...

Hi guys,

This is Steven Cole, pastor in Manteca, CA. I wanted to tell you that one of our ladies here is moving to Japan to teach school at the school Andi's parents teach (or taught...I am not sure they still teach their). She leaves on Thursday for Japan.

God's speed on the rest of your journey!

sonia said...

I wish I were there too. We are in heart though. Take lots of pictures Marquita.

Love You,
Tom, Sonia, Faith, Caleb, and Peantus too.