Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 52: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Today we had an amazing rest day in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The church home we are staying in is right in the middle of downtown... it's awesome! We had so much fun sleeping in until almost 10 am, and then talking with Denise (who hooked us up with this home in the first place). She told us about this really good Japanese Sushi and BBQ place, and we just had to go. The food was so tasty, even Andi said it reminded him of home.

After that, we walked around downtown and then met up with this girl named Erica who's been living in Vancouver all her life. She was so sweet and her personality was contagious. Erica and the rest of us went walking through downtown, getting lattes at Caffe Artigiano, hitting up the local art galleries, and shopping in the Palace Mall.

Later on that evening, we went to the local Tinseltown theater to see "The Incredible Hulk". The movie was actually pretty cool. Who knew that Edward Norton could write an action movie that well? Erica suggested this cool diner, so we went there for dinner... White Spot had some of the best hamburgers we've had in a long time.

Shortly after dinner, we walked Erica back to the Sky Tram and then walked back to our house a few blocks down. The day was quite good, and we enjoyed having company. This has to be one of the coolest, most convenient big-city accomodations thusfar. Vancouver is a beautiful city! What a great way to start out our trip in Canada.

My folks wanted to know if people say "eh"... we only heard it once today. I did hear the saying "Right on" quite a lot, though. Right on. :)

Enjoying the wonders in BC,

P.S. Justin... why, oh why, did you say that the US has 51 states? El Paso is part of Texas, sorry to burst your bubble. Lol.


EricaB said...

Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys! Enjoy the rest of your trip! - Erica

Marquita said...

Glad you are enjoying Canada. Nathan will be glad to know that he missed out on two days of hot yard work. Now would be a really nice time to be in Colorado or Canada or somewhere cool. Look forward to joining you in three weeks in Anchorage. Much love and be safe.

Nathan's Mom and Dad

SBinC said...

i dunno if you guys are staying in vancouver for any longer
but i'm gonna assign justin a recon job for ubc purposes

but if you guys get the chance
find Hastings Ave.

Karl said...

I was wondering myself about that "51 States" thing. Was Justin counting Puerto Rico or something?

Finally catching up on your blog after being back from NYC for a week now. Then I hit CA next week for several weeks.

Rock on with your bad selves.

jessicaburton said...
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jessicaburton said...

if you guys wanted to here the word eh in canada you should have came through alberta i wont deny it i say it at least 100 times a day ha ha anyways hope the rest of your trip goes great and have a safe ride