Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 60: Vanderhoof, BC

We had a great time in Prince George, but regrettably it had to end, and we had to say "Goodbye" to our recently made friends.

On the road we get bored riding for long hours. As you can imagine it gets old staring at the lines on the street, looking at your odometer and seeing the miles slowly tick by. Its like when your in school and your staring at the clock, only to find the seconds hand frozen in time. We have to make up our own fun on the road. I learned a game long time ago, during summer road trips with my family. It's a game of memory, and its called the "ABC" pretty much works like this I start with A and say "A is for Apple" then the next person repeats, "A is for Apple, B is for Bear" and continues on and on until we finish with Z. Its simple but when you have nothing to do it keeps things interesting.

Alyson, Andi, and I began the game on the road...keeping our letters within the realm of our trip, and this is how it went:

A is for Anchorage (our destination in two weeks)
B is for Bicycles (as in what gets us there)
C is for Canada (as in where we have felt at home for the past weeks)
D is for Denali (as in the place we will go once we get to Anchorage)
E is for "Eh" (like "Your in Canada eh?")
F is for Facebook (and they crazy adventure we undertook November 4th)
G is for Glacier (as in thank God we aren't sailing to Alaska)
H is for Hail (the thing that Nathan never wants to see again)
I is for Ice Cream (what's going to keep us from losing any weight on this trip)
J is for Jokes (as in how we get through the long days)
K is for Kyle (one person that we miss)
L is for Lane (what we ride in)
M is for Murphy (Lane Murphy, the reporter that followed us for a day in Oregon)
N is for Neotsu (little towns have more then we thought)
O is for Ocean (still one of the most beautiful sites)
P is for Pomeranian (as in Alyson's Uncle's dog)
Q is for QPR (a way to talk to people dealing with depression...Question, Persuade, and Refer)
R is for Rachel, NV (makes us believe that "The truth is still out there..")
S is for Specialized (the bike brand that Nathan and Andi ride, believed to be invincible)
T is for TEXAS (the best state ever!)
U is for University (Baylor University that is)
V is for Vanderhoof (our destination at the end of the day)
W is for Wind (the greatest enemy of cyclists can also act as a very powerful ally)
X is for X-Ray (now this is a stretch..its what we had to get for Kyle in Yosemite..X is the hardest)
Y is for Yosemite (amazing...)
Z is for Zion (better then amazing...

Our Zion is within grasp.

-Justin Brown


billie said...
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billie said...

Wow, thats a fun game. We used to
look for Bettle VW,if you won you got to hit the others hard on the arm, good times! Your almost there.
Stay well dear ones .
xxxxoooo Grandma
oh that removed post was mine,sorry
I hav got to lern how to spel, hee

paradocs said...

Justin, Nate, Andi, Alyson, Kyle, are my heroes! Susie