Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 75: Anchorage, AK

Yeah, we're in Anchorage, and we got to sleep in! We went to the University of Alaska Anchorage today, and met with a lot of faculty and staff in student services. We had lunch and discussed our story and facts about the suicide and depression rates in the state of Alaska. They gave us UAA t-shirts, which are the same colors as Baylor! :)

Then, Andi went to hang out with his family some more while Nate, Justin, and I spent time with Nate's parents. First we went sight-seeing. We saw some glaciers, and then went to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see the animals. We took pictures of moose, elk, caribou, black and brown bears, foxes, bald eagles, and wood bison. The moose they had were the ones in the movie "Into the Wild".

After many pictures and looking around, we went on to our next thing: dinner. The five of us went to Outback Steakhouse and ended up talking until 11 o'clock there... we talked for FOUR HOURS about the trip, recapping events, arguments, and peoples' quirks. It was so good to think back.

Oh, and we're staying at UAA for the next four nights. They have such nice rooms, and gave us amazing perks. They made our beds, with mints on our pillows, and gave us towels with mini tolietries. It's like we're in a hotel! We'll be sleeping well tonight in Anchorage!

Alyson and Nate

Justin here: I just wanted to acknowledge the church where we spoke yesterday night. The youth helped put together our information packets, I was blown away how selfless they were. We've been doing a lot of speaking here in Anchorage, this is what it's all about.

Before I forget, we were even able to meet another one of our Facebook members! She was so excited to see us, and we were more thrilled to hang out with her. She's from all the way in New Jersey!


Anonymous said...

It looks absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad you are all able to experience God's glorious creation. Enjoy your time. You are all so loved.

The Aldrich's

billie said...

Love the pictures. I'm glad ya'll
are having some well deserved fun.
We'll still be praying for you everyday until your safely back
home. God bless.
xoxoxox Grandma

Tom said...

Wow guys... Amazing. Truly inspirational. Good job.

Karl said...

Wow, those are amazing photos. Very, very cool. So glad you guys are hanging for a few days to rest up for the journey home.

Are you driving back down through California on your way home? I'm in Orange County till August 6 and it would be great to see you.

emilypicard said...

hey guys! i just wanted to say it was awesome to share dinner with you all at the first assembly! (i am one of the youth missions team from New Jersey) i really admire what you have done and i know you've affected so many lives already! I'm happy to know you made it home safe : ) love & peace!