Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 51: Vancouver, BC, Canada

There are 51 states in the United States, it is day 51 of our journey, and today is the 4th of July...oh and by the way just entered Canada...pretty cool eh? We didn't plan to leave the United States on the 4th it just happened that way, just like a lot of things "just happen".

Once we said goodbye to the awesome people in Ferndale, we set off towards the Canadian border.

Did I ever mention we meet the strangest people on this trip, well its true. On our way to the border Alyson met some very interesting people, they were bikers, but not just any bikers, they were a motorcycle gang. Now don't worry mothers they weren't out to harm us, they actually saw our van and thought what we were doing was "cool". Other then the shock of a Biker Gang calling us cool, we were shocked out how nice they were. The head of the troop even told Alyson that he'd tell the other members of his gang to watch out for us on the road, they're like our own body guards, she even was able to sneak a picture with a couple of guys.

Its July 4th and here we are sitting in downtown Vancouver watching the cars go by, and the sleepless city carry on its routine. Its a very different way to spend a day that is supposed to honor our country, a day that changed the fabric of history. But I think we are all thankful to be exactly where we are, to see our country from across the lights of a different one and have a new found appreciation for it. We have crossed 8 states to get here, and seen the beauty of what is America...from the mountains to the forests, to the beauty that is in our backyard. I have learned how easy it is to wish to be somewhere else while missing what you have. You truly began to have new eyes as you see what lies on the "otherside" only wishing you could see that your grass is just as green. We do. Happy Fourth of July!

-Justin Brown


billie said...

As one truly great American once
said "COOL BEANS"!!!!Love your blogs.
You guys are so my hero's. Brave
and wise. God love ya!
xxxxoooo Grandma

sonia said...

Talking like a canadian, eh? LOL

Just a 3 more weeks and it's all over. It's quickly coming to an end and the best is still yet to come.

You guys and gal are AWESOME!!!!Oh, and COOL!!!LOL

Justin's mom

Nao said...

i'm pretty sure there are only 50 states in the usa :P
lol congrats on making it to canada!

Jo said...

omg i just found out about your journey through facebook. this is truly amazing. i wish my friends would do something awesome like this for me haha.
live it up and have a great time!!!!


paradocs said...

Have I told you guys lately that you continue to amaze me? You inspire me! Since you're now in Canada, I'll keep in contact with the blog instead of calling. I'll miss talking with you :( All my love to everyone!

Anonymous said...

i saw again you guys are amazing i cant wait to see more pics. Welcome to Canada eh! we're happy to have you (sorry I couldn't resist the whole eh thing lol) keep up the good work your almost there.