Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 62: Smithers, BC

Okay, guys, we mean it... internet's going to be pretty sparse in the next few days.

We woke up and went inside (we were all sleeping in the motor home, which comfortably fit all 4 of us) for breakfast. We had some amazing jam that was homemade, toast, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, and so many other treats. As we ate, we watched CNN. It felt good to get somewhat caught up on the election, as they went over parts of Obama's and McCain's speeches.

When you're on the road, going by as quickly as we are, you don't have the resources, time, or energy to get caught up via TV or newspaper. Sometimes we listen to podcasts from Dateline, NPR, and other news stations on Justin's iPod... but that's only when he gets a chance to update them.

We left this morning with full bellies, ready for our 90-mile day. We're definitely starting to notice how remote this area of BC really is. Already, we're running into spots that don't have gas stations for 55 miles or so, and we know that number's going to almost triple in the next few days.

The team made excellent time today, and we arrived at the Fellowship Baptist Church just in time for dinner. Again, we ate until our stomachs couldn't handle more, and THEN had dessert. There's always room, right? :)

Since then, the pastor and his family have left us to stay at the church, and we've been hanging out, waiting in turns to use the computer... internet is hard to come by out here.

Some young ladies came by with a plate full of oatmeal chocolate chip raisin nut cookies (yes, that's all one cookie). They are incredible! We ended up talking to them for 20 minutes or so and gave them A.C. t-shirts. I love small towns!

Tomorrow is one of two days driving through remote, gravel roads. Everyone keeps on telling us that we need to have plenty of gas and a spare tire, because there aren't many people, there's no cell phone reception, and the towns (and gas stations) are scarce. I think it'll be fun. We're charging our iPods tonight so we have good road music, and praying for us to find a campsite tomorrow... we're winging it as far as where we'll be staying tomorrow. Oh, Canada! Lol.

Hope to write back soon,


jessicaburton said...

sounds like you guys are having a blast and i hope all goes well for you

Anonymous said...

eek! no place to stay! Good luck today.

sonia said...

We are praying for you. We know you are in God's hand. We believe He will take good care of you.

Don't you listen to the news talk radio while in the van? Just a thought?

billie said...

Hi, just wanted to let ya'll know
that we'er here praying for your safety, knowing God well show his grace and mercy to you! Waiting for
your next blog.Have a great and
blessed day.
Love ya, xoxoxoGrandma

Christina Raye said...

Hey, I'm still praying for y'all and I hope to read some more blogs soon. :)