Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 61: Burns Lake, BC

Another day of Internet is another day saved! It is become increasingly more difficult to keep in touch with everyone, and the further north we get the further we are from all of you. We take advantage of it as much we can.

We woke up today with a restful night sleep and did our daily routine of brushing our teeth, getting dressed in our bike uniforms (they feel almost apart of us now, what am I going to do without the tight spandix shorts?) and packing all of our belongings, being careful to not leave anything behind. Knowing that lunch out on the road was a slight impossiblity, especially as we leap frog from civilization to civilization, we dared not to skip breakfast. My eyes sparkled as it sayed "Chorizo" on the menu only to be left dissapointed with Canadian Spicy Sausage....there's no place like home.

Other then the bike ride, we have started getting things together for the starting of school. Its been difficult making sure we have all of our college chores done before we're lost for a couple of days. I've been filling out things for the LSAT this coming semester...if you think studing is hard, you should try it on the open road, and Andi has been occupied filling out resumes and applications for a comming internship. Its been intersting...

As I was riding to Burns Lake today, our 61st stop on the road, I pulled out my trustee ipod and began listening to songs that reminded me of what I saw around me. Like I was listening to my very own soundtrack. "Without music things don't look as beautiful", I thought as I switched from Coldplay New Album "Viva la Vida" to much happier tunes like Rusted Root's "Send Me On My Way". It's amazing how music can alter moods and change the world around you. On the road I've been lucky enough, especially at churches to jam out with Alyson, she plays the guitar, and I play the drums, and we often get caught up with the hypnotic power of music where we often forget the time and wind up getting to bed late. But I have found a new appreciation of music, especially on the road. It makes us closer friends (especially when playing ACDC, Aerosmith, and Bob Marley's "Don't Worry Be Happy"), it keeps us from fighting (all you have to do is play some NSYNC's "Bye, Bye, Bye" to completely thwart a just makes everything around you sound foolish), and when we miss home we play some good old country tunes, where we can all miss it together. Somehow the world looks better with our ears.

Almost There!

-Justin Brown


sonia said...

You all are just great. I admire your deligience and committment. I know that because of this you will be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. I love you all.

Justin's mom

jonstoops said...

You know what's funny, I just listened to the sample you made for Serenade last year with Savage Garden and NSYNC and I laughed so hard... I also sang it the top of my lungs, which Jackson appreciated! Go to my blog and see my videos of Jackson, he's getting bigger so fast!

billie said...

For years I didn't care about music so I know what you mean Justin, now I can't get enough
of a certain singer,guess who.
Ya'll take care, your asmost there!
xoxoxoxo Grandma

paradocs said...

Music is absolutely therapy for the soul!!! Susie