Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 56: Williams Lake, BC

Last night a pastor from the Lutheran church took us out to dinner, and after that we went on a 10 minute walk to a small waterfall hidden within the woods. It was very peaceful, and we probably would've stayed longer if it weren't for the mosquitos!

When we got back to the Christian Academy, situated right next to the church, there was a group of 15 men playing ball hockey on the gym floor. I decided to sit on the sidelines and watch this very popular Canadian activity. Pretty much everyone in Canada plays hockey: during the winter, they purposely freeze their backyards to play ice hockey; in the summer, they play ball hockey (what we call street hockey). Man, they get into it too. It was cool to talk to a bunch of guys, ranging 15 to 50, about our cause. And I had fun watching the game too.

This morning we left 100 Mile House with a full night's sleep. We decided to sleep in a little, seeing as how we only had 55 mi/88 km to do. We had breakfast at a local restaurant called Smitty's, and then met up with the pastor again. He rode the first 22 mi/35 km (I'm getting better at conversions!!!) with Andi and Justin. He's about 7 feet tall, is on fire for God, and is so passionate about life. He was a joy to talk to.

After that, Nate and I headed out for the next 20 miles. We had a lot more hills, and a strong headwind, so it took us a little longer to do our portion, but we made it to the van just fine.

Nate even volunteered to do an extra 10 miles! As Nate took off, though, Justin went to start the van and couldn't get it started. Immediately he rushed to put on his bike stuff and sprinted after Nate on his bike. It took 3 miles for Justin to catch up with him, and then both of them had to come those same 3 miles back. When they got to the van, Nate looked kind of frustrated. I would be too if I knew I had to turn around and repeat some hills. Andi and I were happy in the van, playing games and reading, with our gatorade sitting next to us. We tried not to laugh at the situation, but we couldn't help it. What else can you do in a time like that?

We called up Pastor Wes, who we were staying with tonight, and let him know what was going on. We weren't too far from 150 Mile House, and he knew a guy named Kelly who worked at the shop there. Not too long after that, Kelly showed up with his truck, jumped us, and then gave us directions to the shop. We got the van a brand new battery cable clamp... the van has been getting a lot of presents lately. :)

Nate finished out the last 6 miles, and we arrived at Williams Lake cold and wet. Yes, we have indeed run into rain... finally. At least it was at the end of the day.

Pastor Wes was so kind when we got there, and we apologized several times for being late. He didn't seem to mind though. As soon as we got in, he led us downstairs to the kitchen, where he had lasagna, garlic bread, and caesar salad ready for us, along with some of the most amazing tea I've ever had. Then, he took us to this ice cream/coffeehouse, where we got dessert. After that, Pastor Wes drove us to the REC center for us to take showers, and then we went to the local grocery store to get breakfast for the next day. He was so kind to do all of those things for us, and we had fun talking with him along the way.

We went back to the Calvary Tabernacle Church for bed, grateful that we made it into Williams Lake at a decent time. So much for the "short day" we imagined to have. I think it just goes to show that just because the distance you have to travel is shorter, doesn't mean your journey will be too. There are obstacles along the way that can lengthen your trip, and that's part of life. I'm just glad we have amazing people to help us.

Hoping we don't have bad weather tomorrow,

Justin speaking: Here are all the pictures we promised you over the passed couple days in Canada, including some pictures with people we stayed with...enjoy!


ashley said...

Hey everyone,

I sent a e-mail to the Prince George Citizen, and a reporter would like to set up an interview with you sometime tomorrow, if possible. Her name is Myrissa Krenzler and you can contact her at

or at (250) 562-2441 ext. 388

I also got a e-mail from the 94X radio station, and they would like to speak to you, provided they get a contact number. You can contact Wil Fundal at

or at

Office: 250.564.2524
Celtel: 250.552.1767

Best of luck to you all and ride safe!


momma_g84 said...

Love the pix! I love reading the daily blog, I am inspired by all that is taking place in your lives.

One of the young men in our town tried committing suicide over the weekend. One of our girls had the opportunity to get the Alive message to him! Once again, you have helped someone see the light and have hope.

You are so awesome!!!

Karl said...

Wow, I can't believe you're in the home stretch already. Way to go, gang.