Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 48: Seattle, WA

One way to describe how we feel about our journey thus far is often described in this way: Its awesome but it isn't a vacation. We are often in a scrabble what with meetings and biking, we hardly get time to truly experience the area. Today was a day to just have fun.

We woke up at a decent hour. No forcing the body to act against its will. Alyson's cell phone alarm did go off early causing an otherwise peaceful slumber into silent curses. Alyson happens to have the same song play for her alarm. I have learned that there is one way to ruin any song and that is to make that song your alarm clock, Its Not My Time by Three Doors Down triggers all sorts of unhappy feelings.

After waking up (kind of fully thanks to Alyson's alarm) we ate an awesome breakfast with Alyson's Aunt and Uncle (they are amazing). We enjoyed the slow pace of the morning, we weren't scrabbling or packing our bags, we just sat there with Cheerios and felt like normal college students.

We wanted to take advantage of our free day in Seattle, rest days are hard to come by. After getting dressed we headed off towards the pier to catch a ferry. We boarded the ferry and enjoyed watching the city of Seattle come into view. The first thing we recognized was the famous Space Needle. A landmark, known for its unique shape, height, and revolving restaurant. It was created in order to welcome the World Fair, and like the Eiphel Tower, it became a historic landmark, showing visitors the genius of man's ingenuity and imagination.

After enjoying a delicious lunch in the Space Needle, we met with Justin Gasper a friend of mine and a resident of Washington. We explored a Science Fiction Museum and Music Museum in Downtown Seattle. The geek and music aficionado in me rejoiced. From Captain Kurks captain chair to rocking out with a Guitarist the team had a blast.

To top off an already fulfilling day we walked to a nearby IMAX theatre to watch the family comedyKung Fu Panda which we thought was awesome. This happens to be my favorite animated movie since the Incredibles. We definitely recommend it.

Now that we're off to bed, I'd like to leave you with a quote, it sums up our day of rest, the days we our thankful for, the days we fight to fully experience:

"The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it's called a 'present'."

-Justin Brown


sonia said...

I told you that you would love Kung Fu Panda. It's my favorite too!!

We miss you Justin. Can't wait for you to come to El Paso and sleep, sleep, sleep. I promise we will let you rest.

Love your mom

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Thanks so much for all the hospitality. I had a great time tagging along with y'all. I never really thought about what it would feel like to sit on a flagpole until I biked with Andi those few miles.

Thanks for the shout-outs on the blog. You all are truly inspiring, and I have a deep respect for all of you. It felt a bit strange driving through Schertz yesterday from the Frio River back to Waco.

I'll be keeping up with you, and expect some calls and emails in the next couple weeks as I try to sum up my day with you in 2000 words!

billie said...

Justin, is that a beard I see?
love to all!!
xxxxoooo Grandma

Anonymous said... bean?
the best?
god forbid y'alls office is a -ahem- coffee shop
where's the loyaltyyy


woohoo for justinGasper owning the west coast.