Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 55: 100 Mile House, BC

Wow, so we finally got Nathan to write a blog..that took forever. I'm sure he made his mother really proud. Speaking of mothers I just want to let everyone know that our moms have been working non-stop since the trip began. My mom carries a notebook wherever she goes with all our contact info to make sure we're not out on the street. Just in case we lose our info on the road (which happens a lot, especailly with the mess we have in the van) she's just a phone call away....which comes out to $1.07 a minute in Canada..ouch!

Sadly we have not been able to talk with anyone on the phone for long periods of time (including our parents), and if we do talk our pockets sure can feel it. We have resorted to texting since the rates are the same and we use the occational internet access (if we can find it). We're pretty much on our own in the physical sense, but luckily we've grown used to seeing each other everyday. :)

Today our destination was 100 Mile House, little did we know that actually meant 100 miles. We kept biking asking all to often "Are we there yet?" We didn't even know they used "miles" in Canada. Alyson, Nathan, and I have been having a rough time converting miles to the metric system. While Andi sat silently in the back playing his PSP. Just until recently we completely forgot that Andi is from Japan (which uses the metric system) and could have been helping us all along with the conversions. When we asked him "What gives" he silently replied with a smirk, "You never asked." We all had a laugh after that.

It was a tough day, and the 35C...I mean 95 degree heat :)...has made the van and the riders a little weary. I sweat when I'm riding both the van and the bike now, its really hot.

Luckily we have a shorter day tomorrow, and the wonderful people at Bethel Pentecostal Community Church have let us stay in their gym for the night. They are really cool people and we're are thankful for their kindness. We're about to go eat at a buffet, we love buffets! We might actually get our moneys worth.

I want to thank all of you for staying with us, we're almost there!

P.S. Don't worry we haven't forgot about pictures, they should be coming once we establish a better internet connection. Peace.

-Justin Brown


billie said...

We just got home from church to
find a new blog.Happy to see all is well with " THE GANG". Yes
you are almost there.We here at home lift you up daily in prayer.
We too marvel at the kindness of
stangers... you are truly blessed.
xxxxooooo Grandma

sonia said...

I love you, son. It's a joy carrying my notebook around. It gives me reason to share with everyone about what you are doing. I'm so very Proud of you and your friends!!!

Love Justin's mom

Mindy said...

It's hard to believe that you are almost to your destination! It doesn't seem that long ago when we were in Waco watching you ride away and wishing you the best of luck.

Your dad and I tell everyone we meet about your journey and they (like us) are simply in awe of your accomplishments!

We can't wait for you to come home, I have been counting the days. It will be a double treat for you since you'll be arriving just in time for the British invasion!

Everyone here is cheering you on every step (pedal) of the way!

Go, Aly, Go! We LOVE you!

Aly's Family (Robb, Mindy, Ashley, Zachary, & Maggie) :-)