Friday, June 20, 2008

37: Eureka, CA

Today I got a knock on the hotel door around 10:30 this morning... the boys apparently woke up later than they expected to. Oh well, I loved watching the news and a little bit of 'The View' before they came to pick me up. :)

We went to a local diner in Garberville for breakfast, and then started biking. Hwy 101 is so much more forgiving than Hwy 1. We enjoyed the smooth roads and shallow hills. The sun still beat down on us a little, though.

In the van, while Andi biked, the rest of us listened to the new Coldplay CD and discussed government regulations. It was actually very interesting, as Justin had an opposing view to Kyle, Nathan, and I. Oh to be a college student. Lol.

When we got to Eureka, we went to the Calvary Baptist Church, where we met up with Pastor Don, Youth Pastor Adam, and his fiancee Hannah. We also met up with the Pastor of Pine Hill, Pastor Darold.

This is definitely one of the most rewarding nights ever! We had about 12 kids come to worship, and hear a message from our team. Then all of us enjoyed some homemade pizza and a night of fellowship: Scrabble, Halo 3, Rockband, and a movie! The kids are so much fun, and they're wearing all of us "old people" out! :P

The van has a scheduled appointment at the local Ford dealership tomorrow morning... it's going to the doctor. Hopefully I didn't get the van sick. Lol.

I'm feeling a lot better now. I think the 24-hour bug that's been going through our team hit me yesterday... the rest of the team is feeling good (except for Kyle being out still) and we're excited about Redwood National Park.

Oh, and I hit 703 miles now!!! Yeah!!! :D


maria said...

You are all incredible- Glad the "bug" is finished playing havoc with you. Continue to take care of each other. I know you will- Alyson's Grandma

Tom Brown said...

I don't know exactly what you all were talking about concerning government regulations, but I want to say that the "Views expressed by Justin are soley his views, and in no way, express the views of his parents." lol

Anonymous said...

i love reading yalls blog everyday and keeping up with this amazing journey you are making. it is so encouraging to hear about such an incredible movement aimed at showing God's love and power while creating awareness for those who have yet had the opportunity to meet him. i am praying for your team and look forward to reading about the rest of your journey!


billie said...

Hello to all, still here every day
praying for your savety and well being. God love ya.
xxxxoooo Grandma