Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 28 Yosemite National Park, CA

It's our second day here in Yosemite National Park. We are enjoying the beauty and vastness of the park. None of us have ever been here before so it's all new and exciting. It has affected us differently. For instance: I love the giant trees and waterfalls, Alyson likes the running showers in the camp, Nathan loves the interesting people he's met, Andi thinks it's a perfect setting for a film, and Kyle ( the army Brat) says it reminds him of Switzerland.

We met a new friend today. She came from N.Y. city to escape the hustle and bustle. She lost her job and wanted to clear her mind so she could find direction in life.

We had some Baylor alumnis, Mark and Shannon Hamsen, come and bring us a great amount of food today.I'm discovering how united we Baylor Bears are. Thanks to them they not only helped us but even the campers next to us. We were able to share the food they gave.

Speaking of Bears.... Last night, our new camper friend from N.Y. said she saw and heard a growling bear in our camp. We were all in our tent out like a log. I guess we were exhausted from the ride to Yosemite. She heard the bear and called the police. Thank God!

Today was a day for R.and R. We all went our separate ways. Nathan and Andi floated down the river on a raft, I hiked up some mountains and saw some beautiful waterfalls, Alyson and Kyle, both ill, decided to stay at the camp to rest.

We are back on the road tommorrow. Off to Manteca, CA. So now, I shall say goodnight then go back to eating these delicious roasted marshmellows and get to bed. Let's hope there are no more Yosemite bears!

Justin Brown

P.S. Pictures are coming. We have not had internet access to post the pictures but as soon as we do you will see them.


billie said...

We were camping in Ruidosa when a
bear paid us a visit one night.
Thats the kind of excitement I
can live without. Soooo scary!!!!
Love you all, take care.
xxxxxooooo Grandma

lanissa said...

Dad, Blake, and Garth saw a bear chasing a momma elk and a baby elk when they were fly fishing Tuesday. Of course, they were down in a canyon and not sure of how they were going to get away if the bear became interested in them. Garth said to lay down and play dead, Dad said he would bow-up to the bear, and Blake knew he could outrun at least one of the other 2. So, if you run across a bear, someone play dead, someone bow-up, and someone run, and let us know which one works...or just sleep through it all! Keep it up team, we're proud of you!

The Harmsen Family said...

Hi All! Alyson said you enjoy getting comments to your blog, so we will comment. We enjoyed meeting each one of you in Yosemite. Ryan wore "his" shirt to bed...thanks nathan. We have a phote we can send when you return home. I wanted to write and explain why we drove two hours to encourage you and bring you food. One reason is because we are Baylor bears and yes we do support one another. We are proud of you all and how you are representing Baylor, your families, and yourselves. Secondly, as I told your briefly, we have a daughter who passed away four years ago. Every parents nightmare, let me tell you. So, when I read what you planned to do and why you planned to do it, it resonated with me very much. I identify with those left behind to deal with the loss of a child. I struggled with anxiety and depression following Ashley's death, so I understand the feeling of being out of control and sad to the bone...I also identify with the need for community and the support of family and friends and even those who we don't know. We received so much support from our community and is why we are able to thrive as a family. As you are finding out in your journey and sharing with all of us through your blog is that you will touch people in ways you never dreamed of...conversly, people will impact and touch you in ways you did not know could occur prior to this trip. I offer encouragement as you make your way toward your goal: Romans 8:18 "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." So, when the legs are hurting (again), and you are not feeling optimal, or you are angry or tired, remember that all of this will be used to reveal God's character and plan for you. Thank you again for welcoming us...even while feeling ill and anxious to explore. You have impacted my children and I am pleased to know you on a more personal level. I will enjoy reading about your many more adventures...hopefully there will be no more wind, clowns, or bears. Know, if you ever want to explore Yosemite again, our home is a base for your next adventure. Hugs to all! Shannon H. (Ryan, Brynn, & ~Ash~)

Sam said...

When you get to Alaska you should let me know. I work at Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood, Alaska which is about 35 miles from Anchorage.

If you ride your bikes out here I would love to get you guys a room for the night, and talk to you about your mission.

My email is