Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 29: Manteca, CA

Today we got off to a late start. We started biking around 9:45 this morning, which is an hour and a half later than normal. Not to mention, we were TWO men down. The first thing I remember hearing this morning, from Justin, was: Um, guys, I need to make an announcement. (Long pause) I will not be biking today... I'm sick.

Normally, I would've been okay with that, but today was a 100 mile day!!! Anything that peaks over 80 miles usually gets me stressed for the early part of the day, and 100 miles (or more) in one day is a rare case for us.

Yes, Nate, Andi, and I took on 100 miles... alone. And we did it!!!! Nate did 30 miles, and Andi and I did 35 each. Once again, our team ROCKS. Thankfully, we had a lot of downhill. We went from somewhere around 6500 feet down to, believe it or not, 38. Apparently Manteca is only several feet above sea level. I love Cali! :)

After talking with some of the media people from the local paper, Pastor Steve and his wife Beth welcomed us to their church (Northgate Community Church) and home, along with several family and friends. I was having so much fun talking, I almost didn't want to take a shower (my favorite part of the day)!!! I love talking with new people, especially when we start quoting lines from "The Office." The spaghetti dinner was incredible, and the fellowship was so genuine I felt like I was home. Warm and fuzzies. :)

Tomorrow morning they offered to have breakfast for us at the church: coffee, bagels, and fruit. Yum.

Justin's sleeping at the Pastor's home tonight, as he needs a warm bed... still sick of course. The rest of us are sleeping in the Fellowship Hall of the church tonight. After camping half a dozen times, I'm loving this A/C!

We are so blessed to be welcomed into a home just because somebody knew somebody who knew somebody... God has taken care of us in more ways than we are able to count. I am constantly amazed.

Here are some pictures that we're now able to post... allow me to comment.

Justin and I taking pics of each other while biking... daredevils, I know.

Finally in Cali...

Beautiful Yosemite National Park!

Justin and Kyle by the river.

Again, Andi has to get the perfect shot!

Andi and I at the campsite.

The Alive Campaign with the Harmsen family.

Justin's hike.

Oh yeah, we'll be in SAN FRANCISCO tomorrow!!!

P.S. I'm now up to 605 miles, Dad, in case you're wondering. :)


Karl said...

Wow, gorgeous photos! Love them. I'll call you some time today, Aly, so we can arrange for your appearance on the radio show Sunday. Love you.

Tom Brown said...

Hey Justin, I was thinking about you as we approach father's day, and how 21 years ago you made me a Father. I still remember going to a Baby Store to get some bubble gum cigars to hand out to everyone. I had to pinch myself because it seemed surreal being a dad. Anyway I am proud of you. You have made me a happy father. Hope you you are feeling better. Love you son!

Christina Raye said...

Yesterday was the six month anniversary of my little brother's sucide. Your blog brought me some comfort. It gives me something to look forward to during the day.

B1B_Mustang said...

Great Pics!! Good to see all of you are healthy and happy! Must be all the TLC people have been giving you along your journey. Missed reading your blogs for two days bcuz Kristyn and I were up at Baylor Orientation. Kristyn mentioned to some of the future class of "2012" what her brother and his friends are doing this summer, and a lot of them have been following the Alive Campaign trip. You have touched a lot of hearts.

Love to all,
Kyle's mom

billie said...

Love you guys....
ooooxxxx Grandma

momma_g84 said...

!!!Wow!!! Yall are ALL so impressive! The steps you have taken; the miles you have riden; the lives you have touched; not to mention the exercise you have gotten; will always be remembered. You are touching lives each minute of your trip!

Any time I get in the "I can't do this mode," yall always come to mind! You are an inspiration to so many!

And just think of all of the great stories that your gonna be able to tell your children and grand children some day!

Love the pix and posts!
Hugs and Prayers from the Texas Coast!
Marquita (DD's Mom)