Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 22: Veyo, UT (Snow Canyon, UT)

Yesterday's blog was written midday so... allow me to recap:

Yesterday we had a thunderstorm roll in around 3 or so, and then another one hit last night around 9:30 or 10. Andi and Justin climbed one of Zion's most challenging hikes, Angel's Landing... they plan on giving a full account and pics on a later blog. Also, we went to a restaurant called the Spotted Dog for dinner and had some of the best gourmet pizza ever!!!!

This morning we left Zion National Park, having made a few friends during our rest day. A couple from Massachusetts was staying across from us in the camp, and a few of us went over to chat. They offered us cookies and coffee, and we really enjoyed their company. Also, we met a lady named Patty who was camped next to us. She's from Vegas, and has so many stories to tell. It's cool to see where life takes you. Now she's working at a hospital, helping people with respiratory problems, and comes to Zion to get away from the busy city. I can see why... Zion's beautiful.

With the rain hitting us last night, we had quite a bit of packing and tearing down to do. Justin was biking first today, so we told him to go ahead, while the rest of the team finished loading up. It seemed like it took forever. Oh, and I changed my first tire today.... all by myself! :)

As for other things, I woke up with my left knee swollen and in pain. My knee keeps popping every time I bend it. I think it was from almost slipping in the middle of the night as I walked to the bathroom. Not good. So, Kyle and I spent time in the van today as Andi, Nate, and Justin took on our daily mileage. I'm glad the boys stepped up for us, and must admit, I missed biking with them. I wanted to bike so bad, but Nate (the team Dad) said that if I did, I might cause further injury. We're getting the group consensus tomorrow to see how we are... we may be hitting up a clinic. :(

On another note, Snow Canyon is beautiful, and we arrived in time to set up camp, relax, and rock climb. Justin and I went up some of the sandstone cliffs. It's simple to go up them, it's practically like walking uphill. The view was breathtaking. We went to Chili's for dinner and parted in the camp to do what we do best: relax and sleep.

Can't wait to post tomorrow from Nevada. We're doing it, guys. We're making the impossible, possible. Thanks for helping us do that.

Many blessings from beautiful Utah,


billie said...

My sweet girl, I want to be just like you when I grow up.
lots of love ,
Grandma Billie


unbeso said...

Hey Alyson,
I just wanted to tell you all that I really admire what you all have been doing. Don't give up when it gets hard. Along with hundreds of other people, my prayers are with you all. Take care and God bless!

maria said...

Check out your health problems so they don't become major- it could be as simple as a sprained limb, but it could become worse, like a torn ligament. Keeping track of every day- Much admiration for even thinking of 4500 miles on a bike- Go for it!!! Love, Grandma