Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 31: San Francisco

Last night we discovered the streets of San Francisco the best way, by getting far the sunny state of California has been far from sunny, fog settled in on the streets and we lost our way. It's rather humorous now, but after our dinner at Japan Center we wandered the streets for about 3 hours, going across the Golden Gate twice.

You know your going the wrong direction when you cross a giant red bridge. After settling into bed we slept through the night hopeful for a sunny day.

Thankfully we got that sunny day and we woke up late in the day...FINALLY! After waking up at 5 in the morning for the past week we needed the sleep. After waking up we headed back to Fisherman's Wharfto enjoy the sunny San Francisco bay.

Like the military nerds we are (Alyson and Kyle military brats, Andi's mom was in the Air Force, and me being in ROTC...nathan is the odd man out) went to tour a WW2 diesel submarine.

say hello to my little friend!!

It was an interesting experience. Back then submarines were not the most reliable things in water...I sure felt it after being a little sea sick..thank god i'm going into the Air Force.

We are now settled into our apartment enjoying the tv and participating in what we like to call "Normal Life". When I started this trip I was excited about meeting weird and eccentric people it turns out we are the weird ones...I guess biking to Alaska isn't considered "normal"...

Kyle is still not feeling up to stuff especially after the tire fiasco yesterday...he might have pulled the muscle further then it needed to be. We're letting him take it easy so he can get better. We're a family, we're all that we have. When one person is sick the whole team suffers. We rely so much on each other, learning a little more about each other each day. I'm learning more about these guys then I ever thought I would. We come from so many different walks of life, different family situations, different ways at handling emotions and problems, this is what you call community.

-Justin Brown


ablondeblogger said...

Just dropping a note to say hello and best of luck. This is a wonderful thing you all are doing. Here by way of Karl.

Angela said...

hey guys, it's Angela from facebook :D just dropping by to wish you guys good luck! you guys made such a long way already but there's more hardships ahead (yes, including getting lost). Keep up the awesome work and continue to do your best!

and I hope you guys had super fun in San Fran :D If i knew I'd have come up and take you guys around...and yes, the weather is very temperamental. oops.


momma_g84 said...

It's great to see how you are growing in your relationships with each other. Overcoming the obsticles and struggles of everyday life...isn't that what your trip is about? Succeeding in things you think you can't. You are not only proving your point to all of us, but to yourselves! You have come from all walks of life and are learning to live together, make decisions together, and care for each other. What an awesome lesson!

Thank you for giving and sharing!

Marquita (DD's Mom)