Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 38: Redwood Forest, CA

The van is our home, its our lifeline, and its part of the team. Our van, also dubbed the Mystery Machine (Kyle and Nathan's idea), was taken to the mechanic to get some brakes fixed. When one team member's down all the team is effected unfortunately the van is in-expendable.

We sat at Calvary Baptist Church in Eureka, CA waiting for the van to undergo it's treatment. Thankfully, relaxing at the church with the youth pastor, Adam Hurley, wasn't a bore. We were able to clean the bikes as well as play some Rock Band. It was fun hanging out and not having to leave great friends so soon.

Last night Alyson didn't get a lot of sleep, she stayed awake playing with some of the teenage girls that slept over. She paid for it in the morning trying to catch the little bit of time we had waiting.

We didn't leave Eureka until 5pm. Since it was so late Andi and I were able to complete half of today's scheduled milage, leaving the rest for tomorrow.

Coming into Redwood forest was a sight to behold. Fog has settled because of the coastal line, casting an eerie presence as we entered the forest. It reminded us of old horror films, seeing the elongated trees blurred behind a wall of mist. It also gave a new meaning to our "Mystery Machine"...all we need now is a dog.

Not much happened today, but we sometimes appreciate the mundanity, especially after days and days of constant momentum. We need the rest days even though it wasn't on purpose. Tomorrow will be a catch up day as well as a day to sit back relax and enjoy our time...because time, especially ours, vanishes like the fog. See you tomorrow.

-Justin Brown

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billie said...

Hope you all had a good day off.
Rest is good for the soul.
xxxxxoooo Grandma