Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 42: Lincoln City, OR

This morning we left the Daughtery's house, after having pancakes, sausage, and eggs. Tim, Debbie, Jason, and Thomas were so kind and we enjoyed being a part of the College and Career Bible Study last night. Thomas, Tim and Debbie's son, led the bible study and he did an incredible job. We loved chatting with people our age. I had fun playing with Tim and Debbie's grandson, Jason. He loves the movie "Cars", he's 3 years old, and has the car noises down to a science. So cute.

We biked 70 miles into Lincoln City today: Nate started out with 20 miles, Justin and I biked 30 miles together, and Andi rode us into town with 20 more. Awesome teamwork today in the wind and cold weather- it's crazy to be in a sweatshirt in the middle of the summer.

When we arrived in Lincoln City, at the Church of Christ, we settled in and met with Pastor Mark. He brought us dinner and made coffee. My caffeine fix was filled today. Yeah! :) At 7, we had bible study; the men went upstairs for their bible study, and I stayed downstairs for the women's. I loved being able to get into the word with new people, in the middle of the week. It helps me get centered since we've been "go, go, go" since the beginning.

Right now, the team is sitting in a motel with Lane Murphy, writer for the Baylor Magazine, taking showers in turns and discussing tomorrow. We'll be staying at the church tonight.

We now have another kink in the system: the van won't start because the connection between the battery and the rest of the van is out of commission. That's what happens when you decide to push a 10-year-old vehicle to the max for 42 straight days. I guess she's still sick.

Pastor Mark hooked us up with a place for breakfast, where we're able to order whatever we want at no charge. How awesome is that? We're hoping we can get the van fixed in time for a sit-down breakfast, and in time for our speaking engagement tomorrow... at least it makes for an interesting documentary. :)

But for now, we're walking home.


Anonymous said...

hey alyson, justin, and the rest of the group just wanted to say stay strong and i pray for you all every night. Cant wait to hear all the stories when you guys get back to baylor.

Albert Barraza

Christina Raye said...

I had a car that would do the same thing the van is, and it wasn't hard to fix. In fact my car (her name was Bessie.. haha) lived on for quite a while after that. I hope she gets better soon. :)

Mazhamegham said...

Hai Friends,

kochu said...

Hai Friends,

Anonymous said...

You guys (and gal) take my breath away! I'm glad you guys are getting through the bumps in the road (no pun intended) to continue on your journey!

I hope all that are injured and sick get better! (including the van... i hope she's not sick too much longer) --maybe try icing the pulled muscle and the knees when you get the chance, it helps with healing!

When things get you down just keep smiling, because if everything is not okay, then its not over!

Good luck in the rest of your journey!

-Ali Kane
Madison, Wisconsin

Karl said...

Did you guys call my friend, Vahid? He'll totally hook you up with a free meal in Portland. He also sent me a link to which is a VERY popular bike site for the area. I emailed them and told them you were coming and gave them all the websites and info. You might want to go to that site, scroll down about halfway and look in the right sidebar where there's a news hotline you can call. It'd be a GREAT idea to touch base with them. They can gather bikers like nobody's business.

Plus Portland is currently doing a two-week Bikeapalooza so LOTS of biking events are happening there right now. Great timing.

amy_baylor said...

i am so proud of yall for getting so far!! i miss yall so much!! and i cant wait to see everyone in august! i put up a sign at nathans place the other night saying that how proud i was of you guys, but sadly, the rain washed it away. Keep updating and blogging, I check it everyday to see how my loved ones are doing. get back to waco, we all miss you here.

miss yall so much
xoxo - Amy

p.s. aly! loved the picture of you in front of the oregon state line! it made my day, love you!

jennle said...

Hey Justin looks like ur having fun. what happened to roughing it. so far u have nice hotels to stay in. im sooooo proud of you and what ur doing (and jelous)! jonah and denise say Hi! we love you and miss you. love ur favorite youth leader Jenna aka Ms.America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!