Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 45: Longview, WA

Last night, we had an awesome time in the city of Portland. We saw "Get Smart", which was very entertaining, and went back on the train. We, once again, fixed the connections on the van, and went to bed late.

This morning we had breakfast with Marta and her daughter Madeline, who is 4 years old. She is adorable, and so grown up... I mean, she can write her entire name already, and she loves eating broccoli, hummis, and other veggies!

We were off and made good time, so we stopped in at a Walmart along the way... seriously, we haven't seen a Walmart in several states!

As Nate was biking the last stretch of our very hot day to Washington (it got up to 101 degrees), he met a bicyclist named Paul from Paris, who was biking all over the world. They ended up biking about 10 miles together! He was so nice, and he let us film him and Nate biking across the bridge that separated Oregon and Washington.

When we arrived in Longview, we met up with Pastor Charles and his wife, who had pizza for us! Yum. We had fun telling stories, and enjoyed their beautiful view on their balcony before we got to work.

After dinner, the team did laundry and reorganized the van. We literally took everything out and put it back in. We started around 8 something this evening and didn't finish until 10:30! We're so tired, and the mosquitos were awful! We look forward to sleeping tonight.

Kyle left me a voicemail that said he made it home safely. It feels weird having 4 people... we went to Subway for lunch today, and accidentally got 5 cups of water because we were so used to that number! :( We miss you Ky-le! (pronunced "key-lay"... I don't know how, but I just started calling him that during the trip).

Oh, also I'm up to 820 miles... and I'm SO excited to see my Uncle Jim and Aunt Eileen in Seattle!!! Can't wait!



Karen Rinehart said...

Alyson--Girls are notorious for nicknamiepoos...ooops, see? It's genetic. Just go with it :)
love, Karen Rinehart
P.S. mmmmmmmWalmart........

momma_g84 said...

Isn't it wild!!! In Texas, there's a Wallie World in EVERY town-possibly 2 or more! Once you get north or west of here they are very hard to find and it is at that point that you realize how important Wallie World is!