Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 35 Fort Bragg CA

At the request of Justin and Andi I would like to inform all concerned parties and persons that this blog was written by Kyle Ferguson and the views expressed in such blog are in no way the expressed views of the Alive Campaign or its members. But seriously I'm not quite sure why they are so afraid of me writing a blog, it took me awhile to convince them it was okay. But anyways on to the blog.

The trip from Point Arena to Fort Bragg was fairly uneventful compared to some of the other days we spent on this trip. We spent the better part of the morning watching Justin attempt to fix three of the four bikes we have. Despite our doubts and ridicule, he did quite well and fixed the problems enough to get us to the next town and the next bike shop. Most of the rest of the day was spent biking until we got to Fort Bragg where we went to a bike shop and had three of the bikes overhauled. We then grabbed a bite to eat at a local pizza restaurant. Tonight we spoke at Fort Bragg Grace Community Church to a group of locals about suicide and depression awareness, and stayed with Pastor Greg and his family.

Now for the fun part, what I think of the trip so far. You know when you go on a trip like this you really don't know what to expect or what will actually happen. I came into to this thinking that we would be lucky to make it out of the state of Texas let alone get to San Francisco, so at the very least I'm very impressed and grateful to have gotten this far. When we started this trip we told ourselves that if the Lord provided a way we would go, and he has but what is unnerving from time to time is having to live day to day. As a guy always thinking 3 or 5 years in the future, the idea of having no idea what is going on tomorrow was never a real comfortable thing for me. But with a little help from my friends I've gotten by so far. Despite our differences and occasional arguments for the most part we get along most of the time and pull together when faced with tough situations.

On another note, it should be more entertaining as we get farther and farther north. It took us awhile to begin to deal with the heat in the desert but now we are faced with cold mornings instead of hot mornings. The southern boys and girls on this trip aren't to happy about the cold weather. But for a kid who spent the better part of four years in North Dakota and then two more in South Dakota, I don't think its that bad outside. Despite whatever we may face I'm sure we will find a way to overcome our problems. After all if you want to see creativity lock five people in a van and send them on a cross country trip with little to no idea what they are doing.

- Kyle


EricaB said...

I hear you on the living day-to-day thing. I'm the exact same way! Hang in there, and hopefully I'll see you in Vancouver!

cutelilbubear09 said...

KYLE!!! You actually wrote a blog! :D YAY! Miss ya'll & love the blogs! Continue to keep us posted...


momma_g84 said...

Yay Kyle! You did a great job! I'm encouraged each day when I read yall's blog! I love it!

You have to live one day at a time. You're not promised tomorrow, so it's okay if you don't have plans. It'll all work out. It looks like God has directed your paths thus far and I've personall never known him to let his chidren down when they were on a MISSION! Have FAITH!

Marquita (DD's Mom)

momma_g84 said...

Forgot to ask...How's Andi today!

Mindy said...

Great blog, Kyle! I think you each need to take a turn - Cool to read different styles, points of view, etc.

Keep up the good work.

Aly's Mom

cjoy017 said...

hey! i think this is awesome what you're doing, and i wanna let you know that i am behind you guys 100%. if you don't mind, i'd also like to put in a little plug for my dad; he's doing a bike ride across america as well - if you get a minute, maybe you wouldn't mind checking out the site for his site.
if you get a moment, please do take a look at the site.
again, thank you for what you're doing - stay strong!