Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 20 Zion, Utah

After camping last nite in Kanab, we woke up and took to the road. It took only 45 miles get to Zion National Park. Before entering into the park we descented into a 4 mile run. We were going 40 miles per hour while Andi filmed the descent with one hand on the handlebar. It was pretty dangerous but Andi got some great footage. (Anything for the shot he said)

As we biked into Zion National Park we met with other cyclist. Its great meeting people from the around the country who were enduring the same things we were. After the short talks we decided to head to lunch. Luckily Ted (cowboy Ted as we like to refer)paid for our food. The restaurant speciality was buffalo. Delicious!

The waiter was exceptionally nice after hearing why we were riding. James shared with us his story about moving into Utah as a college student. He wanted a life of adventure. He also gave us $30 and offered to give us a free breakfast the next morning. What a great guy! A taste of the kind of people we have been meeting along the way.

Biking into Zion National Park was breathtaking! The mountains that surrond the park are majestic. There are 2 million visitors that come to Zion each year and we were privilage to be among them.

Staring up and the stars tonite by the campfire we have built I can't help but be thankful for all the people we have met and the friends we have made. I realize that even with the beauty of nature it doesn't compare to whats really important.
It's all about people.

Justin Brown


sonia said...

Yeah you made it to Zion! Enjoy the hundreds of campers you'll meet there.

Justin's mom

Mindy said...

Pictures???????? :-)

Aly's Mom

Marquita said...

Enjoy your rest day in the gorgeous scenery. You have completed 1/4 of your round trip.
WOW! Keep HOPE Alive! and God Bless.

B1B_Mustang said...

Go Team Alive!!! Zion sounds beautiful and the people are great! Keep biking and spread the word about suicide prevention. You guys are awesome!!

Kyle's mom

Denise said...

Anything for the shot?!!!! Andi, you're going to give me a heart attack!! Please, please be careful. Much love and prayers to you all from Okinawa. Love, Andi's mom

aandmrules said...

Congrats, guys! I have been keeping up with yall since I heard yall speak at the Junior League. As a high school counselor, I would give anything to have more young people around like yall. Stay strong! BTW, I wrote to the Subway corporation and told them about yall--hope that's ok! :)

momma_g84 said...

Looks like everyones mom is cking in today!

Glad to know yall are enjoying yourselves!

We are coming along on your trip too (via pics), I guess we were riding in the dark today (haha).

Be safe and enjoy this awesome adventure!

btw Aly-I guess there's 2 Marquita's keeping up with ya! :-) Marquita (DD's mom)