Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 41: Florence, OR

So I'm hogging the computer right now...poor Alyson she wants to check her email real bad (don't worry I'll let her). Not having internet is like not having an arm, when it goes missing you can feel it. I guess that's the way it has been on the road now reaching day 41 of our trip, trying so hard to communicate to the outside world, what we feel, what we believe, and the message we want people to hear.

I feel a little homesick. I miss my friends at school and my family in El Paso, TX. When I first entered college I had moments where things would remind me of the family I left behind. I remember one inparticular moment when I was walking the River Walk in San Antonio and thinking to myself all the times I shared the moment with my mom and dad. It was like going on an exciting summer trip without them, not being able to share in that happiness. I think all of us here feel a sense of longing, a sense to share our experience with all of our friends, with all the great people that helped us, and all the people rooting for us. Its like taking that trip in San Antonio and wanting to share this trip with my family we want to share this trip with all of you. To show you the amazing things we've seen, the amazing experiences and friends we have made, to share the inside jokes and the mishaps, to the flat tires, the broken van, the speeches, and times when Nathan had to walk up a hill, to watch the sunset hovering over the pacific bay, staring at the black waves moving ashore, the towering bridges, and the purple and redish sky. These things we can't share with you through a blog or through a retelling of the tale, they are things you must experience. There are somethings you just need to go out and do, and do with all your heart.

Like sharing our story to people that have experienced loss from suicide and seeing tears run down their face, to the 14 year old boy sharing his struggles with depression and wanting to take his life, to the families that have been rocked to the core with the loss of a loved one. These are the moments that you want to share your heart with everyone you know. Because you know that these are the most important fascets of your being. When we come back we will have plenty of stories, plenty of telling tales but they are only a shadow of what is the sunshine.

-Justin Brown


sonia said...

My son, the great adventurer, we miss you VERY much! Try to remember everything because we can't wait to hear it.Looking forward to seeing you in August.

You are doing what you feel God has lead you to do. To Experience LIFE! He has created such a magnificient world for ALL of us to enjoy. We get so busy with our lives that many of us miss out on the beauty of LIFE. It's bigger and grander than what we think. And people in general are truly loving and giving. They care!!!

I am amazed at the generosity of strangers. It hasn't been difficult at all finding you places to stay and people to feed you. LIFE is GOOD!!!It is worth LIVING!!

Lots of LOVE
Justin's MOM

billie said...

Justin my dear boy(man), we miss
you every day and can hardly wait
to see you.My prayer for all of you this morning was just what you wrote in your blog, that y'all
would be able to help those left
behind and also those thinking of
taking their own lives. May God
bless y'all.
xxxxoooo Grandma

Jesus said...

Hey Justin, this is Jesus(and Fatima) from church. I read ur guys blogs everyday, but this is the first time I decided to write. It's amazing to think how far u guys have gone already! Keep it up, and always remember to glorify God in everything u do! GOD BLESS U GUYS!
P.S. We cant wait for u to come back and tell us all ur stories.

damien said...

Keep up the great work guys, Oregon welcomes you! : )

Lane County Suicide Prevention Coordinator.