Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 33: Bodega Bay, CA

First and foremost, Happy 21st Birthday Justin!!! :D

This morning we drove down Lombard Street in downtown San Francisco. It's known as the "Crookedest Street in America". We also biked across the Golden Gate Bridge...we just HAD to get some footage of that! Justin wanted to note that he felt fortunate to be one of the few to bike down Lombard and over the Golden Gate on his birthday.

We had a great time in San Fran and had a hard time leaving because we wanted to capture the city's grace and finesse. We also had a hard time leaving because of all the traffic we hit on the way out. We hit a new record today for the latest time to leave: 1 pm with 70 miles to bike!

It didn't help that Andi had an accident along the way. He bent one of his handlebars and his rear derailer when he fell. FORTUNATELY, he's OK! Luckily, we were only 15 miles from a bike shop and they fixed the damages for free...thanx Mike's Bikes!

We tried extremely hard to finish our mileage for the day but the cold, windy hillside road slowed us down. We were running out of time as we had to meet some people at Bodega Bay Church, so we decided that we would drive the rest of the way today and make up the mileage tomorrow. A lady at the church, Becky, brought us fish 'n chips and clam chowder from the local dive. She also heard that it was Justin's birthday, so she bought milk and doughnuts for dessert.

Now we're laying on our air mattresses in the fellowship hall of Bodega Bay Church, watching "Escape From Alcatraz". Some of us have not seen it yet and we have been dying to watch a movie, so it seemed appropriate to pick it up while passing through San Fran.

It's VERY cold here...we just saw a temperature gauge outside that read 45 degrees Farenheit!

Next Stop: Port Arena!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brother!

Karl said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! I commend you and the rest of the team for your spirit!