Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 24 Rachel, NV

We would like to thank Pastor Russ Turner for hosting us in Calente, NV. We had a great time!

Right now we are in "No man's land". 25 miles away is Groom Lake air force base, also known as Area 51.

Rachel is known for it's Alien sightings. It is located on the extra terrestial highway.

We are in staying in "Little A'Le Inn". It's a very interesting place. 75 people live in Rachel, NV. Like we said we are in the middle of no where. Consequently, we have no internet and no cell phone reception. So I am calling my mom to relate this message to you. (Sorry for no pictures yet)

The road to Rachel is like you might expect. Alot of dirt and nothingness. However, it has it's own charm. Today Nathan climbed another hill. Sadly, Nathan has been climbing the steepest hills. Nathan said that if he had to climb one more summit he is going to cut the summit indicator sign down and drag it from his bike.But we won't let him.

Right now to welcome the occasion of staying in Little A'Le'Inn we are going to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Let's hope none of us get abducted.

Justin Brown


billie said...

Kids, please remenber, 'do not play
with your food' however mashed
potatos are ok. You can build really big mountains with those.
xxxxxoooo Grandma

Lyssa said...

Wow! I am so amazed by all of your pictures! I really wish I could have gone with y'all; in the van of course! lol Y'all are doing an amazing thing and I am so proud of my fellow Baylor Bears! I was also born in Alaska, so I cannot wait for y'all to see it, if you have never been there before! It is beautiful! Good luck!

- Lyssa Burnham
Class of 2007