Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 46: Olympia, WA (Lacey, WA)

It is typical for a college student to not hit the sack till 2am, I mean we have tons of things to do, with all that web serfing, phone conversations, and late night Ihop runs... but soon that college student will learn that going to bed early is actually a good thing. One thing that I have learned on this trip is the importance of sleep. Once we get to a new location instead of wanting to explore the town we usually head straight to bed. Sleep is known to heal the body and mind, it cleans the system and allows the immune system to fight disease, without it your metabolism slows down, you become more irritable, and health deteriorates.

Last night was hard. We cleaned the entire van, organized the boxes, labeled water bottles, and repackaged flyers. It became a van that would make our mothers proud. Although we were plagued by sleep and were tortured by mosquitos we couldn't live with the van as messy it was. Sadly sleep took a back seat. Returning to our college habits, we took advantage of the available Wi-fi, and caught up with our online messages and facebook stalking (I mean surfing). When we awoke the next morning our bodies begged us to stay in bed. Usually the body wins, and it almost did, but we had to get a start on a long day.

Our mind beat out our bodies but not without a fight. We began riding and our legs felt wobbly as we pushed down on the pedals. We were so tired.

As the day ran on, and our legs warmed up so did the temperature outside. In Washington we have seen the hottest weather so far, who would have thought the north beating out the desert. Its 101 on the black streets, we stink of the heat.

It wasn't the best day especially trying to find our way through the busy streets. Alyson got lost as we began to ride, she was going the opposite direction, having to return on the right path. Unfortunately getting lost on a bike is not like a car, you lose valuable energy having to return on course. This reminds us how important it is for us to stay close together. Because when you make a mistake it will cost you. Its just like life.

Alyson is so excited about heading into Seattle tomorrow. We will be staying with her Uncle, who she keeps bragging about. We're happy to get more rest days. But right now we're going to learn from the mistakes of yesterday and we're going to get some sleep and thanks to our hosts we'll be sleeping in beds, we can't let those go to waste. Night.

-Justin Brown


Marta said...

We thoroughly enjoyed being your Portland hosts! You guys are amazing and doing an incredible thing, and it’s so inspiring. I'm glad our paths crossed and I will enjoy tracking your progress. Keep up the positive attitudes!

It's cooling off in the Northwest, thankfully. Have a wonderful time in Seattle and heading north.

Marta George

rosiem said...

Hello! Just wanted to say you guys are awesome! What you're doing is very inspiring! I'm leaving this weekend on a road trip from Palmer, AK, so if I see you guys I'll be sure to honk! Good luck with the rest of your journey! Keep safe!

sonia said...

We are in Ruidoso, NM for a relaxing time. I'm here with Amanda Brinks and Mary Valles. They wanted to say HI. You're all awesome and we are praying for you everyday. Your dad is wearing your shirt. Caleb brought his too.

Love You Justin's mom

jonstoops said...

Enjoy my hometown guys! I miss Seatown a TON. I don't know where all you'll be visiting and riding, but it really won't matter. It's exceptionally beautiful! Keep on trucking guys.

Anonymous said...

The AP came out today, saying CDC statistics say 55% of all gun deaths are suicides..about 17000. Just goes to show the importance of what you're doing. That's about one every half an hour by firearm.

You guys still rock.--WR