Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 21: Zion, UT

YEAH FOR REST DAYS!!!! :) Sorry, I had to get that one out of my system... it's our first rest day in a week and a half! Today, it was great to wake up without an alarm. The funny thing is, I still woke up at 8:15... I'm so used to getting up early now.

The 5 of us headed back over to the Zion Mountain Resort, which had the Buffalo Grill. James, the waiter there, paid for our breakfast and sat around chit-chatting with us. Great guy. We sat and enjoyed each other's company, looking out the window at the gorgeous view and buffalo grazing the open land.

After that, we went back to camp through the long, winding switchbacks. I was kind of scared we'd fall off the sides, the roads are so narrow and curvy!

Here I sit now in Springdale, at the Pioneer Lodge Coffee Shop, blogging and waiting for our laundry to get done. Nate is talking with his mom about t-shirt orders and money stuff, Kyle is checking his email, and Andi and Justin are hiking through parts of Zion. I'm sure they'll have amazing pictures to share on tomorrow's post.

Kyle probably wants me to mention that he wooped my butt at chess... I shouldn't have moved that bishop. :(

We're enjoying our down time with a slightly cloudy day in Zion. The cool breeze and calm atmosphere is definitely something I could get used to. Along with the bikers and tourists... it's fun to talk to people from all over. I said Bonjour, Gutentag, and Hi to several neighbors in our campsite. :)

And how are WE doing, you might wonder? (for all our Mom's out there, Lol)

Personally, we've worked out some of the kinks we had at the beginning. A few mornings ago I chatted with the team about our communication skills, and since then have faced fewer conflicts. I think we're more concerned about where we're going to shower and sleep each night more than anything. Most of us have slimmed down some and tanned out... we're a biking team now. :)

Kyle (look above) was a little of a daredevil yesterday, and since then, his pulled muscle has gotten worse. Look's like he'll be driving us around a little longer. Justin, Andi, and I are in good health though, and Nate's got some allergies here and there.

Zion is the perfect place to rest and I'm so proud of our team for surpassing the 1000 mile mark!!!!!! YEAH TEAM!!!

Well, I think the laundry's done. Can't wait to post again.


Magsyman said...

Hi guys,
I'm Jan from the philippines.
(Yes its pretty far)

I am a big fan of what you guys are doing. . . and just wanna say that you guys make me smile everyday with your stories on the road and love the pictures. . . :D

Congratulations on the 1000 mile mark! :D

Karl said...

Over 1,000 miles! Amazing. Take care of yourselves...that's what teams are all about.

Christina Raye said...

Congrats on the 1000 mile mark!


sonia said...

Great pictures! Got you places to stay up to Manteca, California so far. You can sleep well tonite.

Justin's mom


Sic 'Em!!! 1000+ miles, thats so awesome!
Lots of people back at Baylor are rooting for y'all, and saying lots of prayers ;)

lanissa said...

Buddo! Sorry you won't be making the trip to CO with us tomorrow night. I'll miss watching (actually, listening to) 24 and Band of Brothers with you for 12 hours straight! Love, Laniss

wals8756 said...

Hey Guys! It's Brit from New York. I've been following your trip for a while, and I just wanted to say WAY TO GO! I can't believe you've gone 1,000 miles already.
If you're ever in Western NY, let me know! I go to SUNY Fredonia, and am a Resident Assistant, and am always looking for something new to bring to our campus. I think your story would really impress them! Have fun, be safe, and keep going!

- Brit

Lori said...

Congrats on the 1,000-mile mark. Great story on your journey in Tuesday's Lake Powell Chronicle: Love keeping up with you guys on your blog and LOVE the photos! So beautiful. Take care and talk with you soon! Lori at BU

ben said...

Hey guys, just wanted to say hi and let you know that UBC is thinking about you guys a lot! Hope all is well. Love reading the blog. My family is from west texas so your blog about riding through the heat and the wind had me laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face. Maybe enjoyed your pain a little too much. sorry about that...
Well, keep pedaling! We are proud of you guys!

cheers, ben

Karen Feero said...

Hey guys I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing! The awareness is a HUGE issue in the small town of Valdez Alaska. I look forward to watching your trip continue. If you have a chance to detour for a day please stop by and see Valdez.
Keep up the good work!

Marquita said...

We are at Benny's. He asked if you need him to bring you some spaghetti. I added your site in his favorites. He said email him at He said he is proud of you on this special trip and he will follow on a daily bsais since now he has your website. Any excitement , please send pics to him

Marquita said...

Benny again - " Those biker shorts look a little tight, maybe I should bring you a salad instead"