Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 43: Portland, OR

Well for me this trip has unfortunately come to an end, do to some medical problems I need to head home. But before I leave I wanted to write one last blog for all of you.

Well it’s hard to put in to terms what this trip has been for me as it comes to an end. It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of trouble at the same time but it was all worth it. I’ve learned about myself and other people and at the same time been able to help spread the word about suicide prevention. As I look back on the last month and a half I feel so grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me.

If I had to pick one good memory out of this whole trip to tell you about it would be very hard, each day was filled with new people and experiences and challenges. One of the best memories I have though is traveling up the coast. I’d never seen the Pacific Ocean until I came on this trip and seeing it reminded me of a couple things. First and foremost it reminded me of this world God created and put before us. At the same time it reminded me of the endless possibilities that lay out there for each of us to fill our lives with.

As I leave this trip and go home to my family I have the same bittersweet feelings I had when I started this trip. When the group reached 250,000 people, I only begun to realize what I had committed myself too. There were times along this trip I wanted to throw in the towel and stop, but the one thing that kept driving me was my faith in the fact that God had some sort of plan. As I leave now, despite my injury, I still feel God has a plan still. And as usual I’m not quite sure where he’s leading me, but I will follow.

If there is one thing I hope all of you take away from this trip it is the fact that endless possibilities lay out there for everyone. Determination and faith are all that is needed to succeed in life. If there is one thing I have taken away it is that the world is not as bad a place as I once thought it was. The kindness of people in feeding and sheltering us still amazes me, I would like to thank every single person and family that has helped with this trip, without you it would not have been possible.

PS: The team is really sad to see me go....who else is going to keep them on their toes.

-Kyle Ferguson


cutelilbubear09 said...


maria said...

Sorry you have to leave- I'm sure the group will miss you- Hope you're better soon- Love, Maria (Ashley's grandmother)

sonia said...

It is very sad to see you go but I am optimistic that you will be back. Maybe not traveling to Alaksa but flying there to welcome the team in. You are Very important to us. We will greatly miss you. Get well Soon!!!!We absolutely need you!!!!

Love Justin's mom

Iron Fist said...

Whereabouts in Portland are you guys today? I'm a friend of Karl's, and I'll buy you guys dinner or something if you're not already totally booked.

billie said...

((((Kyle)))), thats a hug.Go get well honey.
Love ya Grandma

Anonymous said...

Im very sorry to here your not going to be able to continue. you have dont a great thing. you have been an inspriation to us all. the group will miss you. i hope you will be able to meet them in alaska. best wishes

Anonymous said...

opps thats supposed to say done not dont sorry

momma_g84 said...

Kyle-Sometimes God sends us on detours. We don't always understand, but HE does! As long as you let God be your guide, everything will work out. I'm excited to see where HE is taking you now.

I have never met any of you guys (boys, men, whatever you want to call yourselves) but I have learned so much about you. I do know Aly and hope to meet yall some day when we are in the Waco area visiting DD and Ash.

You are ALL our heros! I admire your strength to carry on when you feel you can't. You keep pressing on, looking forward, when it would be so easy to turn back. Growing in friendship and knowledge of each other, caring, sharing, and helping others-across the world-in so many different ways!

Thank you!

You are in our prayers,

Karen Rinehart said...

Ok, someone, refresh my memory---the "ending" in Alaska. Who,What,When,Where. I know Why :)
Karen Rinehart

Karl said...

Sorry to hear about your injury, Kyle. That sucks. Still, you did a heck of a lot in a short period of time. Godspeed.